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Quality Dentistry is Affordable!

Yes, I understand many see dental care as expensive. I understand that, unlike medical visits, there is not a fixed $45 co-payment that represents your total financial investment on the dental visit. I also understand that dental expenses are not

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Root Canal Dentists in Dallas

Yes, there are many root canal dentists in Dallas. They can be in the form of an endodontist or in the form of a general dentist. So, how do you go about selecting one? In the past, asking friends and

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I Want Just One, the Same Dentist!

Certainly things have changed in the way that medical and dental care are delivered. In the name of cost containment and accessibility, the dignity and respect for the individual patient is getting lost. How is this true? Well, first of

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Some Dentists Can Save You Money

I realize you may feel like you must choose a dentist in your dental plan to save money. I realize you may feel like you need a coupon or discount when seeing a dentist to save money. I know you

A Good Traditional Family Dentist in Dallas, Venincasa Dental
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Finding a Good More-Traditional Family Dentist in Dallas

Yes, I know, times have changed. Technology is exploding. Inter-personal communications are more often electronic in nature. Video games and extremist groups around the world demonstrate little regard for human life. Insurance companies and the government are more in control

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Your Resolution to Find a Dentist

We wish you all a Happy New Year! We hope 2015 is a better year for all of us. Many of you have created New Year’s resolutions. This may have included taking better care of yourself. This may have also

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The Traditional, Honest, Caring, Family Dentist

As time passes, I see the changes being made in the delivery of health care. These changes are being made at pharmacies, at hospitals, at doctor offices, and at dentist offices. We all can see this if we experience healthcare

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Centered on Our Dental Patients, the Best in the World

We have just completed our summer break from work. We had time to enjoy our families, to spend more personal time away, and to perhaps appreciate the beauty of the world around us and of those around us. We are