Dr. Mark Venincasa: the Doctors' Choice Award 2014 City Winner for Dallas, Texas, in Dentistry!

award dentist Dallas Texas, Venincasa Dental

award dentist Dallas Texas, Venincasa DentalWe have just found out that Dr. Venincasa has won the 2014 Doctors’ Choice Award as the City Winner for Dallas, Texas, in Dentistry! This award has been presented by www.doctorschoiceawards.org , an independent research organization that surfs the Internet for online reviews from doctors on doctors. The awards are based upon the quality and quantity of those reviews found.
We are very humbled by this. We realize that we have won multiple of these awards and we have let you know about it. We always do so humbly. We truly love what we do. We truly care about our patients. Our patients truly bless us and our work because of their trust, because of their sharing their lives and concerns with us, and because of their kindly referring their friends, family, and coworkers to us. This has been an ongoing thing with the practice. We have been doing this since September of 1986. So why is it that we are so fortunate to be recognized as we have been?
Once again, humbly, we truly value our relationships with our patients. We have again been building these since 1986. So what happened is that we started to develop our online presence, finally, in about 2007. We started by claiming profile pages on other websites, then we created our own website, then we got involved in social media, and then the Internet exploded in growth with online reviews. Our patients have been so very kind in providing now over 500 reviews online, on their own time,  on websites all over the Internet. These sites include DemandForce, Google, DoctorOogle, Angie’s List, Yelp, LinkedIn, and many others. Our patients have gifted us in such a special way. They have shared their experiences online. They have taken the time to share on their own time on their own devices and computers, to let the world know about us.
We are deeply grateful to our patients. We are also deeply grateful to our associated doctors. We truly care for them and we thank them. We are more than just a place to get dental services done. There is so much more going on here. We thank our patients so much for all they have given to us. We are so very blessed. If you are interested in experiencing a very special place like we have here with this dental practice, we invite you to give us a call at (972) 250-2580, or contact us in any other method you see available within this web page.

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