Finding a Good More-Traditional Family Dentist in Dallas

A Good Traditional Family Dentist in Dallas, Venincasa Dental

A Good Traditional Family Dentist in Dallas, Venincasa DentalYes, I know, times have changed. Technology is exploding. Inter-personal communications are more often electronic in nature. Video games and extremist groups around the world demonstrate little regard for human life. Insurance companies and the government are more in control of the delivery of medical and dental care. Corporations and share-holders are more in an ownership role of medical and dental practices. Cost-controls and insurance contracts are limiting the relationships that used to exist between doctors and their patients. However, you have more control than you may think in choosing your dentist.
Yes, I know your insurance contract has a limited number of dentists in their lists of “in-network” or “preferred” providers. Yes, I know there are practices that act like more traditional practices yet have a high turnover of staff members and dentists. I realize you are looking perhaps for more of what going to the dentist used to be like. You may have become accustomed to having the same dentist for many years, you may have considered the dentist a friend of yours, you never felt pressured to obtain cosmetic services, you never were approached with buying spa services or dietary supplements, and you did not feel pressured to obtain recommended care that same day it was presented to you. Yes, things have changed.
But I am here to tell you. You do have options. There are still dentists who own their own practices individually. There are still dentists who care very much for you and your entire family. There are still dentists who value you and respect you as a person created in God’s image. There are still dentists who offer you the ability to choose when and how much dental treatment you want to pursue. There are still dentists who want to treat you as a true friend or family member. There are still dentists who are not pressured by stock-holders, corporate entities, or other employers or owners to produce money for their profits. There are still dentists and their staffs who know your name and who know who you are right when you walk through the door, and they still are happy to see you.
We know because we are one of them. I have wanted to be a dentist since I was four years-old. For me, this is a passion. For me, caring for patients with the traditional values of kindness, honesty, sympathy, empathy, fairness, gentleness, wisdom, and peacefulness is natural. The greatest gift this dental practice has offered me is the sharing of lives that exists here. We truly care for our patients. And even though we are not an “in-network” provider on their insurance plans, hundreds of patients have taken control of their dental care and have decided to come here to get exactly what they were looking for. Their certified online reviews tell the story, humbly, over and over.
So if you are looking for a good, more traditional family dentist in Dallas, we invite you to call to make an appointment by calling (972) 250-2580. We invite you to peruse our self-produced website. We invite you to experience exactly what you may be looking for, even in this day and time….

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