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honest, caring, dentist, Dallas dentist, traditional dentist, Venincasa DentalAs time passes, I see the changes being made in the delivery of health care. These changes are being made at pharmacies, at hospitals, at doctor offices, and at dentist offices. We all can see this if we experience healthcare of some kind. In the past six years within my family, we have experienced three of our children having over 12 surgeries with many more hospitalizations and doctor visits. Some of you know my wife is a nurse and of course I am a dentist, so we can utilize our expertise and connections to assist us in finding adequate care for our children during these times. What we experienced was very disappointing.
There are doctors and nurses and other medical providers who truly care! There truly are and we found some. The problem is that, sadly, finding good and caring medical professionals is harder to find. With the changes in the insurance industry, with the changes occurring and yet to come with Obamacare, with the ownership of pharmacies, medical offices, and dental offices by third parties ever expanding, the emphasis is now on reducing costs and increasing access to care. As a result it is more of a challenge to find professionals who truly care and who respect your time in the waiting room, who are willing to put forth the extra effort to present the most accurate diagnosis, to find doctors who are more willing to commit to helping you than to backing off hoping you will find someone else, and to find professionals willing to spend that extra time when needed instead of moving on to the next patient too soon.
Most of us can agree that reducing costs and increasing access to care are good things; however, I do not think most of us are willing to accept these things if it means that our quality of care will decrease. I am not stating that good care and caring professionals do not exist. I am stating that good care and caring professionals are more difficult to find. The changes occurring these days make good care and caring professionals more difficult to achieve.
The good news is that you have happened upon a dentist who is still holding on so very tight to the way things used to be. I am old fashioned in believing that patients want a caring dentist, a dentist who truly knows them as a valuable individual, a dentist who is willing to make the most accurate diagnosis in order to provide the most necessary treatment, a dentist who is not willing to submit to the pressures of the insurance and health care industries towards compromising the quality of care in the name of improving access and reducing costs, a dentist who respects your time, a dentist who is willing to work hard to assist patients in paying for their care in a manner which matches their needs and means, a dentist who is willing to offer care at a great value, a dentist who actually answers his e-mail messages, text messages, and cell phone calls from his patients in a timely manner, and a dentist who provides all the dentist-services himself; the patients know who is providing their care, every time…..
If you are interested in our traditional, honest, and caring ways of providing dental care to our valued patients, we invite you to contact us by calling (972) 250-2580, or by contacting us in any other manner you see available within this web page.

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