Some Dentists Can Save You Money

Saving Money on Dentistry, Venincasa Dental

Saving Money on Dentistry, Venincasa DentalI realize you may feel like you must choose a dentist in your dental plan to save money. I realize you may feel like you need a coupon or discount when seeing a dentist to save money. I know you are bombarded by your employer to pick a dentist in the booklet. However, you may not be saving money at all.
To explain further about dentists as “preferred providers”, these dentists have signed a contract with the insurance carrier to charge less than their normal rates in order to have the insurer or employer market the practice to the employees. This may sound great for patients. However, in having their profit margins significantly decreased, these managed care practices are faced with finding more “unique” ways to enhance their profits. These managed care practices may increase the number of dental procedures they do per patient to bring more money in. These managed care practices may be more aggressive in planning care for each patient in order to bring more money in as well. In both of these cases, patients may very well be spending more money than they need.
Moreover, these managed care practices feel more pressure to get dental services done more quickly, and they feel pressure to pay dentists and staff members less in order to enhance their bottom lines as well. In these cases, quality may be compromised and dental work may fail sooner. This also increases the money spent by patients.
Now, to change to the coupon or discount dentist, these dental offices are starting from behind financially. Do you think they may have incentive to make up for early financial losses? These coupon dental offices also have more pressures upon them to increase the number of dental procedures they do per patient. They may also be more aggressive in planning care for patients. These discount dental offices also have more pressures to do dentistry more quickly with lower paid dentists and staff to maintain a certain level of profitability.
It is realistic to see why patients can actually spend more money with managed care dental offices which are “in-network” and with coupon and discount dental offices. For these very reasons, I have developed a practice model that is better for patients in increasing the chances that they will save money.
My practice model is based upon honesty, sound evidence-based dental guidelines, more conservative treatment plans, sequenced treatment plans over time, interest-free financial arrangements, extended payment plans, respect for patients as individuals created with inherent dignity,  all dental treatment being provided by me, superb personal service, timing procedures for quality results, fees priced at a value, restorations made by local and reputable dental laboratories, and based upon traditional time-honored values like kindness, fairness, and respect.
My practice model does indeed save patients money. We invite you to peruse our online patient reviews.  We have hundreds of patients who have entrusted us with saving them money for over 15 years. We invite you to make an appointment by calling us at (972) 250-2580.

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