Office Hours to Mirror Plano Schools During Inclement Weather

Trees Covered with SnowAs this post is being written, the temperature is 39 degrees in Plano, Texas, and it is raining. The temperatures are expected to continue falling. We do expect freezing temperatures all night, and lasting until Tuesday afternoon. Obviously, there are concerns for the road conditions. In times like this we draw on the research resources of the Plano Independent School district.
When the Plano schools are closed, we too are closed. When the Plano schools start later, we start later. In those times of later starts, we will determine our start time individually with patients who are already scheduled. However, in general, you can rely on our starting when the schools do as well.
We have chosen to follow this protocol because we want the information to be accurately relevant, readily available, and reasonably expedient. We have used this method ever since the practice moved to its current location in 1992. It has served our patients very well.
While we cannot predict how things will go, we will look to the Plano Independent School district. May we all be safe and courteous as we drive in these conditions. May we accommodate to these conditions in a manner which benefits us all. Have a nice week.

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