Shopping Veneers is Not Like Shopping a Polo Shirt

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cosmetic smile makeover, porcelain veneers, Venincasa DentalYes, I know. I know porcelain veneers are relatively expensive. I most surely do. And I can understand why patients would want to shop for the best price. Patients want to make a wise decision; they want to perhaps get a bargain. I most certainly get it.
OK, for example, we are shopping for a Polo Shirt. We can often find the identical shirt at perhaps Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack, and Neiman’s. The prices may vary quite a bit for the exact same shirt. So, it would be a wise decision to shop for price since you are getting the exact same shirt. Now, let’s switch to porcelain veneers.
When you shop fees for porcelain veneers are you getting the same exact veneer? Absolutely NOT! Veneers are in every way custom made. There are many more variables in obtaining veneers than a Polo shirt. I would say all the Polo shirts are made on the same assembly lines with all the same materials. They are the same.
Veneers are so very different. The individual dentist shapes the teeth to be veneered, the dentist selects colors to be used, the dentist guides the size and shape of the veneers, the individual dental lab also influences the color, sizes, and shapes of the veneers, the dental lab selects with the dentist the porcelains to be used for the veneers, the dental lab and the dentist both treat the inner surface of the veneers, the dentist prepares the tooth surfaces to be covered by the veneers, the dentist adheres the veneers onto the tooth structure, and the dentist assures the fit and smoothness of the veneers and the margins of the veneers where they meet the tooth structure. It is so very clear there are SO many more things in play than with a Polo shirt.
So, is it really wise to shop price for veneers? With so many variables, it seems like you want to be more selective when choosing the dentist. You might want to search online for reviews on the dentist. You might want to know what other doctors say about the dentist. You might want to know how others perceive the knowledge of the dentist performing the veneers. This is quite an investment; it makes sense that patients would want this done properly the first time.
I cannot say exactly how another dentist manages their veneers. Dentists do differ. However, in my case, I plan the entire case on models of a patient’s mouth in my own laboratory. I find the obstacles and challenges on the models and overcome them prior to ever starting any care within the patient’s mouth. We allow patients to be involved in the planning during the entire time; we do not cement them on for patient’s to see for the first time. In our case, the patients see our planned results prior to even having the final veneers made. They appreciate their involvement and input. Our patients have a say in the planned result.
If you are comfortable with my approach and my own credentials we invite you to call us at (972) 250-2580, or contact us in any other manner you see available within this web page.

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