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dentist ratings ranking ratings referral qualityWe are truly blessed to have the best patients in the world.  I can’t tell you how rich my career life has been because of my patients.  As I was working towards applying to dental school I imagined I wanted to be a dentist because I wanted to enrich the health of people.  I felt led to be a dentist ever since I was four years old.  All my life the thought of becoming a dentist was always there.  Again, my thought was founded upon a desire to improve the health of my patients. 

However, as my career in dentistry began, I realized that I was very interested in my patients.  I cared about them and many of them became friends.  It is difficult for me to care for people in the dental sense without caring for them in the friendship kind of sense.  Because of that the relationships that have developed over the years have been such a blessing.  My patients have shared their lives with me and of course I have shared my life with them.  It’s been such a nice benefit to practicing dentistry.

As a testament to the strong relationships that have developed over the years I want to share the wonderful reviews we have been receiving from LinkedIn recently.  If you are not a member of this site then I invite you to view very similar reviews and ratings that we have been receiving from DemandForce.

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