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Dental Office Sold: Differing Management of Care?

Many dental offices are being sold nationwide because more dentists are retiring. With these dental office sales, the ownership and their way of doing business may very well change. Corporate and retail entities are buying an increasing percentage of dental

Dental patient wearing a lead apron during an x-ray.
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ADA’s New Radiation Recommendations: No More Lead Aprons

The American Dental Association just published new recommendations for taking x-rays. These recommendations include no longer using a lead apron to protect the abdominal and neck regions. This is surprising at first to consider. However, digital x-rays require less radiation

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Zyn, Velo, On!, and On! Plus: Aren’t These Safe?

This week, a young adult patient asked me about the product “Zyn” (image above from He described this as an “artificial nicotine.” I actually was not aware of this specific product. So, I decided to do some research on

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We Are Closed for MLK Day, Jan 15, 2024

We have been monitoring weather conditions all weekend. When we went to bed last night, we were expecting to work today. When we awoke at 5am, we saw at least a dusting of snow from a wide area. As a

Mask wear in a dental office.
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Dental Patients and Mask Wear

We realize that there are still some medical entities that require mask wear by patients. Within my dental office, masks are generally not required, as is consistent with CDC recommendations. While our clinical personnel wear masks and perhaps also face