Zyn, Velo, On!, and On! Plus: Aren’t These Safe?

This week, a young adult patient asked me about the product “Zyn” (image above from www.truthinitiative.org). He described this as an “artificial nicotine.” I actually was not aware of this specific product. So, I decided to do some research on it. As Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys yells out, “Here we go:”

These products like Zyn, Velo, On!, and On! Plus, all contain 2-12mg of nicotine. They are “smokeless tobacco” sold in pouches. These products are not as highly regulated as nicotine sources that are smoked. Nonetheless, these contain “dozens of chemicals.” They are often packaged in youth-attracting flavors like mint, fruit, and more.

Although they are smokeless, these are harmful. Because they contain nicotine and other chemicals, the use of these products may cause dental problems, nicotine poisoning, adverse brain formation, addiction, and cancer of the mouth, throat, or pancreas. In addition, their use may cause cravings, anger, depression, anxiety, heart disease, and may offer risks to pregnancy.

These products are best avoided. Assistance to quit may be sought by calling (877) 448-7848 nationally, or by calling for state governmental assistance at (800) 784-8669.

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