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Word of Mouth from Dr. Venincasa's Office

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The Merging of Dentistry with Technology

Technology has affected most every aspect of our lives.  In some ways this is good and in others this may be not as good.  I have worked very hard to responsibly bring technology into my practice.  I am personally involved

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Year End Thoughts

Year-End Thoughts For many this was a difficult year.  In fact the past three years has been difficult for many people.  The economy and multiple crises on the national scene have made things difficult.  However, we have seen many of

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Root Canals and Fear

Why Do Root Canals Create Such an Emotional Response? I am for the most part a regular person like many of you.  I know that on the radio and around the water cooler that people say they would rather do

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Dental Insurance Plans

I understand patients want to take advantage of their dental insurance plans.  I do understand patients want to prevent spending money unnecessarily.  I do empathize with you.  Truly I do. For all my life I wanted to be a dentist.