Year End Thoughts

Modern metallic dentist tools and burnishers on a dentist chair

Year-End Thoughts

For many this was a difficult year.  In fact the past three years has been difficult for many people.  The economy and multiple crises on the national scene have made things difficult.  However, we have seen many of you endure with such grace.  We have also made numerous opportunities available to our patients to make this past three years easier.
Because my practice is based on sound foundational principles such as honesty, respect, kindness, self control, charity, and justice, we allow our patients to assist in their care.  We allow our patients to make informed decisions on their care based on their desires as well as based on their financial situation.  Never will we create pressure on our patients to obtain care they do not want or need.  That goes against our foundational principles.
To assist our patients with making our care even more affordable for them we have made CareCredit Patient Financing available.  With CareCredit we can provide interest-free financing for up to 12 to 18 months, and we can also provide extended payment plans for up to 60 months.  This has assisted many individuals and families with obtaining the care they need with the time-table that best suits them.
Moreover, we assist our patients by prioritizing their care.  In this way they can decide what they want to pursue now and what they can pursue later.
We do very much care for our patients.  We do want to be honest with them, we want to respect them, we want to do what is right, and we do not want to pressure them to obtain care they do not want.  Because of this kind approach to delivering dental services, my practice continues to grow during this difficult time.  We have more and more new patients joining my practice because of our kind approach.
If my practice is attractive to you and you are not yet a patient, you deserve the opportunity to find out what you are missing.  Please contact us to make an appointment.  We would welcome you!

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