Dental vs. Auto Insurance

Vehicle Car Insurance Claim Form Concept

Many of you may have dental insurance as well as auto insurance.

We all can understand auto insurance very well. It takes care of us in the event of an accident, a theft, and weather damage.

However, auto insurance does not pay for gasoline, tires, maintenance, and accessories, among other things. Many of us accept the limitations of our auto insurance.

However, dental insurance is often misunderstood. Many patients see dental insurance as something that pays for most of their dental care.

This is simply not the case. Dental insurance does not provide for cosmetic services, it does not provide for the  most comprehensive radiographic examination, it does not provide for some newer but proven procedures, and it does not provide benefits for the best treatment option at times.

The extent of benefits of dental insurance plans is dependent upon the insurance options provided by employers. Dental offices do not in any way determine the benefits available on the insurance plans. If patients are not pleased with the extent of benefits available on their insurance plan, we advise our patients to contact the human resources department of their employer. It is the human resources department which has quite a bit of control on the insurance plans offered by the employer.

It is clear that dental insurance is similar to auto insurance. They both are not meant to pay for most expenses.

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