Root Canals and Fear

Doctor points to filled root canal in dental x-ray

Why Do Root Canals Create Such an Emotional Response?

Dallas dentist Plano Richardson Addison phobic scared sleep dentistry rootI am for the most part a regular person like many of you.  I know that on the radio and around the water cooler that people say they would rather do anything else than have a root canal.  It is somewhat of a joke that people have.  We have all heard it.  To some degree we may understand it.  However, based on the experiences that my patients have in my office, I do not understand the negative emotional reaction to root canals at all.
I know people have had bad experiences with root canals.  I know people have been in severe pain while having a root canal procedure done.  It is believeable.  For many cases it is true.  But I am telling you right here and now, IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!!!!
In my practice since 1986, I have had a way at managing the root canal procedure in a way which does not in any way resemble what most people talk about.  I am very careful about how I manage patients from the first time they present to my office in pain.  There is a way in which I proceed with their care which prevents the root canal procedure from being painful.  I am patient with how and when I do start the procedure, and I refuse to continue working on a root canal procedure if a patient indicates to me they are uncomfortable.  Patience and time are two things which may not be present for some dentists.  It all has to do with how we as dentists decide to manage our patients and it has to do with how we as dentists decide to manage our practices.
My practice is patient-centered; it always has been that way, it is that way now, and it will always be that way.  If you have an interest in experiencing my patient-centered, kind, gentle, joyful, and caring dental practice, I invite you to contact us to make an appointment.

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