December 30, 2010

Word of Mouth from Dr. Venincasa's Office

Dentist Chair

What We Have Learned

Losing Weight May Result in Healthier Gums Recent research from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine suggests that the loss of bodily fat cells results in healthier gums.  In the pilot study, a group of obese patients had gastric bypass

Teeth checkup at dentist's office. Dentist examining girls teeth in the dentists chair

Our Unique Dental Practice

Dentistry As a Job or As a Retirement Activity?  I started my career as a dentist in 1986. It is a career I had considered since I was four years old. The idea of becoming a dentist was always there.

Doctor points to filled root canal in dental x-ray

Root Canals and Fear

Why Do Root Canals Create Such an Emotional Response? I am for the most part a regular person like many of you.  I know that on the radio and around the water cooler that people say they would rather do



What is the Best Crown? Patients will often ask my advice for the best crown for them. There certainly are options. The best option depends on the tooth’s location. Naturally, for the front teeth and any tooth in the smile


Free Sonicare Toothbrushes

Sonicare: The Best Toothbrush on the Market I hesitated for many years from selling products within my dental office.  I did not want to create a retail environment in my office.  We are very committed to quality care, to superb

Dentist chair

Grinding and Bruxism

Grinding and Bruxism Can Cause Tremendous Damage As I have had the privilege to practice dentistry for over 25 years, I have come to greatly appreciate the effects of grinding and bruxism on the teeth.  Many patients often deny they

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Conservative vs. Aggressive

Is Your Dentist Too Conservative or Too Aggressive? For many professions and service providers, one decides how conservative or aggressive they are going to be in making recommendations. For instance, if you are getting your car fixed, the auto mechanic