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Sonicare: The Best Toothbrush on the Market

Dallas dentist Plano Richardson Addison Sonicare power toothbrush tooth brushI hesitated for many years from selling products within my dental office.  I did not want to create a retail environment in my office.  We are very committed to quality care, to superb personal service, and to providing a very high level of care.  The health care environment in this country is so favorable to obtaining the best dentistry in the world.  There is nothing that I would do to prevent our being able to provide just that.  In my mind selling products could diminish the mission we have.
However, the Sonicare toothbrush is indeed the best on the market.  We have been selling these brushes for about two years.  During this two year term I have never felt it was a poor decision to sell these brushes within my office.  They do an excellent job.  Our patient absolutely love these brushes.  And we sell these brushes and the brush heads for less than you can find in the stores.  Moreover, there is no sales tax for products sold in Texas dental offices.
What is unique about the Sonicare is the power of the brush action as well as the ability for this toothbrush to clean beyond the reach of the brushes.  The cleaning action is truly amazing.  When patients obtain this toothbrush we find that their gums are in much better shape and we find their ability to clean their teeth more thoroughly is enhanced.  I truly think a purchase of this brush is a no-lose proposition.
We invite you to consider obtaining one of these fantastic brushes within my office.  If you do not need one they do make an excellent gift.  We invite you to call us or contact us if you have an interest in purchasing one.

Free Sonicare Toothbrushes

spin brush spinbrush electric tooth brush toothbrush11-03-2010: New patients are always welcome.  I would suppose for most any business that new clients are necessary to maintain the viability of the business.  New clients allow for growth of business.  New clients aid in replacing other clients who may have either gone out of business, may have moved out of town, or for various reasons may not be in a position to pay for services that may be needed.  It seems fair to think that new clients are for most businesses welcome.
The same exists for dental practices.  New patients do allow for growth of practices.  New patients are also important in replacing patients who may have moved out of town, who may have lost their dental insurance, or who may have lost their jobs.  It seems that all dental practices welcome new patients.  My practice is no different in that regard.
There are many ways in which dental practices may attempt to obtain new patients.  These may include mailing coupons to homeowners, advertising on the Internet, advertising on TV and radio, billboards, enrolling in managed care dental plans like PPOs, getting involved in civic organizations, etc.  Over the years my practice has grown primarily by word-of-mouth referral.  We have purposely managed my practice growth in this way.  By far the best patients are obtained by word-of-mouth referrals.  Patients obtained in this way understand the practice quite well, they know what to expect better, and they have a trust established sooner with us.  We love word-of-mouth referrals.
As a result of our greatly appreciating word-of-mouth referrals, we encourage our patients to let their friends, coworkers, and family members know about us.  These referrals provide wonderful patients.  Because of this fact, we have a promotion in November of this year, 2010.  For any of our patients who refer a patient to us which results in that new patient visiting our office for an appointment, we will reward them (the referrer) with a brand new Sonicare toothbrush.  We are doing this as a wonderful way of thanking our patients for referring their wonderful friends, family, and coworkers.  We are also doing this to provide our current patients with the absolutely best toothbrush on the market.  This creates a value added service then to our existing patients.  We are so very pleased to offer this.
So if you are or will become an existing patient within my practice, and if you refer someone which results in their visiting my office for a dental appointment, we will reward you with a wonderful Sonicare toothbrush.  Thank you so much for you trust and your loyalty to my practice.  We do have the finest patients in the world!!!!

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