The Merging of Dentistry with Technology

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Technology has affected most every aspect of our lives.  In some ways this is good and in others this may be not as good.  I have worked very hard to responsibly bring technology into my practice.  I am personally involved in every decision involving introducing technology into my practice.  I do humbly hope my patients can perceive the attention we pay to how technology is incorporated into my practice.
I do have some thoughts on what we have done recently involving technology.  A few years ago we introduced a system which allows patients to choose if they want to receive confirmations of their dental appointments by either e-mail or by text.  They can receive these notifications about a month prior to their appointments, a few days prior, and even a few hours prior to their scheduled visits. Many patients appreciate the simplicity of these notifications.  They also value the ability to reply to these to confirm their appointments.  Our aim is to minimize phone call interruptions for our patients and to assist them in keeping current with their care.
Another technology we introduced about ten years ago was that of being able to complete crowns and partial crowns within our office in two hours.  With Cerec technology we can prevent the need for a temporary crown which can fall out at inopportune times, we can prevent the need for a second appointment for delivering the crown, and we can provide a very high quality restoration that can last for many years.   Many of our patients value the time savings and the convenience.  These Cerec restorations are amongst the most highly researched restorations in the world.  We are very pleased to offer this service for our patients.
Another technological advance we introduced into our practice within the past few years was that of getting more of a presence on the Internet.  We rolled out our own website, we created a Facebook community page, we opened a Twitter account, and we work hard to create fresh content for you and those you refer to our practice.  Our intent is to educate and to maintain and enhance our relationship.  We do hope you find our site to be informative, easy to use, and worthwhile.  We value your comments on these efforts.
Over the years we have been very careful in introducing newer technologies and products involving your care.  While newer technologies and products promise better results in some way, we want to make sure these enhancements have been proven as effective and long-lasting.  Rest assured that we only make changes that we would want for ourselves and our families.  We would never introduce a technology or new product solely for the sake of the appearance of being at the “cutting edge.”  Marketing does not drive patient care for us.
We also use technology to assist our patients with their applicable insurance.  We have the ability to obtain insurance information electronically, we can obtain eligibility information very quickly for many companies, we file our claims electronically, and we use technology to assist our patients with determining their co-payments.
As we have carefully introduced technology into our practice, we have exercised that same care in most every aspect of my practice to provide patients with superb care.  And apart from this technology, we work very hard to provide an experience which is personal, empathetic, honest, attentive, respectful, honest, kind, and comfortable.  We strive to provide our patients with a meaningful and memorable experience.  We care that much.  If you have an interest in our unique practice, we invite you to call us at (972) 250-2580.

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