Time to Spring Ahead for 2012, Seeing the Light

Concept of Daylight saving time.

This weekend marks the annual time when we “spring ahead” and set our clocks forward on Saturday night.  Just as we were starting to drive to work in daylight we may be driving in the dark as I do at 6:15 am.  However, as I enjoy, our evenings will be brighter longer.  This time of year can resemble much of our lives as we start something being “in the dark” but then gain some understanding and “see the light” later.

I can compare this analogy to patients pursuing dental care.  I have heard quite often the statistic that only half of the population seeks dental care in a given year.  That may give some opportunity to think of reasons why that is.  For some there is anxiety in pursuing dental care.  For others it may be the financial aspects.  Certainly there are other reasons patients may encounter to prevent them from pursuing care.
From my perspective, many patients may be “in the dark” when they do not obtain care.  Based on my experience, in the long run patients may very well spend more money if they do not pursue regular dental care.

In my office we assist patients in “seeing the light”.  We show them what concerns we have on a large monitor.  We educate them on treatment options to prevent more significant damage from occurring.  We also show them the various ways we can assist them in paying for their care.  Truthfully, dental care can be affordable, and pretty much every day we have that opportunity to assist patients in saving them money and to helping them to obtain their care more affordably.  Many patients do “see the light”.

One of the most rewarding aspects of dental practice for me is working with patients to obtain their dental care in the time frame they have established.  After the course of treatment is completed we can have a hard-working “regular” guy who has the mouth of a CEO.  Over time dental care can be affordable and achievable.  We can assist patients to have those great checkups that have escaped them for so long.
If we can assist you with this kind of care, if we can assist you in affordably obtaining care over a period of time, we invite you to contact us at (972) 250-2580.  Many others already have!

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