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Dallas dentist Plano Richardson Addison insurance accept assignmentI understand patients want to take advantage of their dental insurance plans.  I do understand patients want to prevent spending money unnecessarily.  I do empathize with you.  Truly I do.
For all my life I wanted to be a dentist.  I want to help people.  I want to help people from all walks of life.  I do not want to treat only those considered rich.  I want to be able to treat most everyone.  However, I also want to provide very good care.  I want to provide very honest care.  I want to provide care that is in every way the same quality and care that I would expect for myself.  That fits in with the wisdom of treating others in the way that you would want to be treated.  That also fits in with the wisdom of loving your neighbor as  you love yourself.  So what exactly does this mean?
In providing honest and quality care in a very personal manner, I would expect a dental practice to have things like a high quality staff who has the same values as me, a high quality dental lab that employs experienced and quality-oriented lab technician utilizing the best materials in making crowns, dentures, etc., for the patients, a clean working environment, a commitment to continuing education for the dentist and the entire staff, a willingness to back-up their services in some way, an easy way to reach the dentist when in need, a philosophy in not only treating but also in preventing dental problems, a dedication to caring for its patients in more ways than just dentally, among other things.  Can you see what I see?  This is what I expect from just about any company.  This is exactly what I expect from my dental office.  Should you expect the same?  Do you deserve the same?  I sure do think so.
With many managed care dental insurance plans, the fees that are utilized by the insurance companies are about 60-70% of the prevailing rates in my area.  For me to accept those fees I would have to sacrifice what I have described.  There is no way that I can provide the same level of dental care for my patients that I currently provide.  I did not become a dentist to be forced to provide a lower level of care.  I want to provide care for my patients that they deserve.  That is the reason why we are not a listed provider on any managed care dental plan.  However, even though we are not a listed provider, we can still manage your insurance claims for you, and we can still accept the assignment of benefits so we can minimize your out-of-pocket expense.  We still can very much work with most of your managed care (PPO) dental plans.
So if you are looking for a dental office that has pride in the care they want to deliver to their patients, if you want to obtain high quality care at a fair fee, if you are looking for a dental office which truly cares for its patients, and if you are looking for an office which does still file insurance claims and accepts assignment of benefits from most dental plans including PPOs, we invite you to contact us.

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