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Saving Money on a Dentist

Saving Money on a Dentist

Yes, we realize times can be relatively tough. And yes, we realize it is getting more and more difficult to spread your earnings among all your expenses. Times have changed, medical expenses are rising, and dental insurance plans offer higher

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Do I Have a Really Good, Great Dentist?

Patients use different ways to select their dentist.  For some, they choose a dentist from a list of “preferred providers” from their employer’s insurance plan booklet. Others may choose a dentist because of a coupon offering discounted dental services. Still

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The Value of Regular Dental Care

Many people try to save money in many ways. Certainly this is commendable. We all work hard for our money. It makes sense to spend it wisely. When it comes to dental care, people may try to delay seeing a


Root Canal or Dental Implant?

Patients may have a tooth with particular problems which create the decision to either try to save the tooth or to rather have it extracted and have a dental implant placed. The best decision is based upon the findings. The

Price Shopping

Price-Shopping Dental Fees

We have all done it.  We have all had times when we shop for the best price.  Certainly this makes sense.  Why would we want to pay more for the exact same thing?  Yes, there is work involved and this

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Finding a Great, the Best, Dallas Dentist

This week one of my very best friends came in to the office as a new patient.  This can be a bit dicey.  Here we have been friends for over six years, he has been seeing the same dentist for

The greatest, best, Dallas dentist

Finding a Great, the Best, Dallas Dentist

Once again I was requested a referral to a really good dentist.  This time the request came through a post on a friend’s profile page on Facebook.  Quite a few friends commented on their pleasure with their own dentist.  I

Lower Cost Dental Care

Yes, times have changed.  In many ways times have changed.  Dentists do need to find ways to market their practices to find patients.  However, does it really need to be like this? A number of dentists have signed with insurance