The Latest Emerging Dental Trend

Some people often ask, "What is the latest emerging dental trend?" There is much changing in dentistry. In dentistry, trends do not necessarily occur yearly; it is slower than that, for differing … [Read more...]

What is a DMO, a Dental Maintenance Organization?

Over the past several years, more companies are signing on with dental maintenance organizations (DMOs) in order to save on their dental insurance costs. We see cost saving measures being taken in … [Read more...]

Managed Dental Care

Many patients and prospective patients ask about managed dental care. They feel "forced" to select a listed dental provider or "preferred" provider. They may feel comfort in that the plan is … [Read more...]

I Want Just One, the Same Dentist!

Certainly things have changed in the way that medical and dental care are delivered. In the name of cost containment and accessibility, the dignity and respect for the individual patient is getting … [Read more...]

The Advantages of Our Intra-Oral Camera and Its Images

Since about 1994 we have had the ability to take intra-oral images. Since then we have been able to add software packages and enhanced communications with insurance carriers. With all this, we have … [Read more...]

Needing Dental Work Prior to the Year’s End?

November is coming this week and it will be holiday season as soon as we all know it. Some of us may have been delaying dental work during the year for multiple reasons; so, now is the time to get … [Read more...]

Next Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace Open Enrollment Starts 11-15-2014

We all can remember the initial open enrollment last year for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more commonly known as Obamacare. It was a highly anticipated event and was thought to be a great thing by … [Read more...]

Private Individual Dental Insurance Plans

Over the years it has been common for us to be asked about the value of private individual dental insurance plans. Patients who have no dental insurance think about this as an option to paying for all … [Read more...]

More Facts on Obamacare (ACA) and Dental Insurance

We continue to offer dental insurance information for you, our patients and prospective patients, within Obamacare. We recently found some basic information concerning dental insurance. Under the … [Read more...]

Obamacare and Dental Care: An Example in Floyd County, Kentucky

With the rollout of Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there has been a lack of good information. We have decided to make this a priority within our website. Our intent is to provide … [Read more...]