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Dental prevention, Dental visit, Venincasa DentalMany patients feel compelled to find a dentist within their dental plan. That seems to make sense, certainly. Many patients have a dental plan, and they want to take advantage of a “benefit” offered to them through an employer. I get that. However, what does this mean?
For those of you choosing a dentist from a dental plan, the list is very limited to those dentists and dental entities who are willing to limit their fees within a fee schedule. In exchange for providing services for less, these dentists and dental entities are getting their office marketed to a group of employees. Is this the best thing for your teeth? Lower fees place more pressure on a dental office, making it more difficult to provide the best quality or service. We have more on this here.
Yes, we are used to selecting our doctors within a medical plan. For the most part, doctors have to do this. They have to be in a medical plan. This is not the same for dentistry. A much greater percentage of dentists are free from the burdens of insurance contracts. As a result, many more dentists are freer to provide better service and quality without the burden of an insurance contract lowering their fees.
For those without dental insurance, perhaps you are attracted to coupons, discounts, or give-aways from neighboring dentists. Is that really how you trust someone with your only set of natural teeth? Is this how you choose your doctor for an elective surgery? Don’t you want to know perhaps the dentist’s name who is actually working with you on your appointment day? Don’t you want to know they are worthy of your trust?
I would suggest that online reviews are about the best way to find a dentist these days. With online reviews, you get actual words and comments from patients. You get a much better feel for the dentist. You get a lot of information. I do have a word of caution concerning dental online reviews. If there are a few dentists or dental entities who have many more reviews than anyone else, they may be incentivizing patients to write reviews. As a result, I would choose a dentist who is amongst the highest rated and ranked in the next tier of the number of reviews. It seems to me that would be more accurate.
Secondly, concerning dental online reviews, many are reviewing a dental entitity like a corporately-run office or a retail-type dental office. In these offices, the dentist changes quite often. As a result, the reviews may not pertain to the employed or working dentist at the time. You will want to find reviews that specifically pertain to or provide the name of the dentist. In this way, the review is reflecting the dentist you will be seeing.
Here at Venincasa Dental, my office has been owned and operated by me as the sole dentist since 1986. I do not have any insurance contracts to limit my fees which place pressure on decreasing quality and/or service. I have a humble pride that we provide very good quality and service here at a very good value. We aim to save patients money in the long run. And we do.
We invite you to peruse my online reviews.
We invite you to find out more about my staff and about me.
We invite you to call us for an appointment at my north Dallas dental office, at (972) 250-2580.

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