Dr. V Becoming Famous Nationally as a Top Dentist!

Venincasa Dental, Top Dentist Dallas

Venincasa Dental, Top Dentist Dallas
Dr. V was reported in a national press release last month as a Top Dentist in Dallas and as a Dr. Oz honoree to be recognized and promoted in a September 2016 health tip television promotional segment during his show.
According to the press release, “Doctors and Dentists like Mark A Venincasa DDS were selected by an independent research team who determined them to be the region’s highest rated healthcare specialist through patient reviews on websites such as: Web MD, Yelp, Rate MD, Health Grades, Angie’s List, Droogle and other leading independent healthcare rating companies”.
We are deeply humbled to be recognized in this way. Surely we have been awarded in the past by multiple online research organizations, yet this one is unique in its national scope and visibility of promotion. We are so very grateful for our wonderful patient relationships, we are thankful to have such kind patients who are willing to offer kind online reviews during their personal time outside of our office, and we are humbly proud to be receiving so much recognition for doing our jobs.
If you are interested in finding out more about us, please follow this link.
If you want to see one of our TV commercials that we won from this honor, please follow this link.
If you want to know more about Dr. V, please follow this link.
If you want to research some of the certified online reviews which contribute to Dr. V being award-winning, we invite you to follow this link.
If you are interested in making an appointment, we would love to meet you. We invite you to call us at (972) 250-2580.

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