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Tooth Bonding: A Quick Repair for Chipped or Broken Teeth

Yesterday  we had a patient of over 20 years come visit us with a broken front tooth.  Naturally he wanted the tooth fixed.  In this case he wanted a quick repair that could last for at least a few years.  He

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Dental Bonding and Zoom! Whitening

For those with yellower teeth with some gaps between some teeth, Zoom! whitening followed later by dental bonding can be just the right fix.  This patient had completed orthodontic treatment.  However, not all the problems could be corrected by orthodontics. 

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Dental Bonding Changes Smiles Beautifully

Last week we had the amazing opportunity to change a young man’s life.  For over a year he had a broken front tooth.  He is interested in changing his life.  He wants to get a new job.  For over a


White Fillings / Bonding

Bonding: Closing Gaps in Front Many of us have gaps between the teeth.  This may be a concern in the front teeth particularly.  Many of us may recall when a magazine closed the midline gap in a photo of Madonna.