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Open For Severe Emergencies Only, Through May 1, 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 mitigation protocols being extended across the country, our Governor Greg Abbott and our state dental associated organizations have made it very clear that dental offices must continue to be closed to patient treatment across


Strategic National Stockpile Shortages: Whose Fault is it?

Introduction “The reserve was originally named the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile but was renamed during a 2003 restructuring when additional materials were added to the supply. The stockpile is jointly managed by the departments of Defense and Health and Human Services. . .

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COVID-19 Mortality Rates Among Countries

Determining mortality rates can be difficult. Some countries tried to test as many citizens as they could. Others, like the United States thus far, have tested only those who had more moderate symptoms, those who live in an area of


Behind the Surgical Mask: Another COVID-19 Story

I am a general dentist in Dallas, Texas. Because of this current COVID-19 Pandemic, Governor Greg Abbott has, by executive order, closed down dental offices across the state for over a month for all but the more emergent of circumstances


Living in a Material (Mask) World

Yes, the CDC would not be happy with this mask. It would not serve the purpose of preventing COVID-19 viral transmission; however, it did fit the title of my blog quite well. I simply could not resist! Pardon my distraction.