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Finding a Good More-Traditional Family Dentist in Dallas

Yes, I know, times have changed. Technology is exploding. Inter-personal communications are more often electronic in nature. Video games and extremist groups around the world demonstrate little regard for human life. Insurance companies and the government are more in control of the delivery of medical and dental care. Corporations and share-holders are more in an ownership role of medical and dental practices. Cost-controls and insurance contracts are limiting the relationships that used to exist between doctors and their patients. However, you have more control than you may think in choosing your dentist. Yes, I know your insurance contract has a

How Long Can I Wait to See a Dentist?

Many people want to save money. Some patients may want to delay seeing a dentist until something breaks. Some may want to delay until they perceive pain. Some may want to wait until they perceive that something has to be done now. Is this the best way to manage when one should see the dentist? As far as when to see a dentist, I offer my experiences. We do have some patients wait at times before getting treatment done. They may be busy. They may have too much “on their plate”. They may want to manage their cash flow until

The Advantages of Our Intra-Oral Camera and Its Images

Since about 1994 we have had the ability to take intra-oral images. Since then we have been able to add software packages and enhanced communications with insurance carriers. With all this, we have been able to provide many advantages to our wonderful patients. Firstly, we can show patients the oral conditions that we can see. We have all heard how a picture paints 1000 words. There is much wisdom in this. When our patients can see what we see, there is little doubt as far as what is going on. When you combine these intra-oral images with our knowledge, our

Saving Money on a Dentist

Yes, we realize times can be relatively tough. And yes, we realize it is getting more and more difficult to spread your earnings among all your expenses. Times have changed, medical expenses are rising, and dental insurance plans offer higher premiums with lesser benefits. We know patients want to spend their dental dollars wisely. However, what you may think as a wise dental provider decision may be more expensive than you realize. Lower fees are a huge attraction for the general public. Even free services are a huge attraction. Many dental offices provide lower fees and even free services. But

The Value of Work (This Dentist, This Dental Practice, The Value of Patients)

Many of us do work whether we are at a job or we raise our children at home.  For many of us this work can be a drudgery, it can drain the energy out of us, or we think that life is passing us by.  Some of us may not work at all or we may simply pass our days playing or doing what we enjoy.  I write not to judge.  I write today simply to offer another way to view work.  As my life has progressed, especially this past six years, I have found a strengthening and life-giving way

Our Honest, Actively-Managed, Patient-Centered, Trustworthy Dentist Website

Like you I have done some surfing on the world wide web.  Many sites are cluttered, difficult to navigate, and outdated.  As far as dental websites, I have noticed similar qualities.  When I embarked on having my own website a few years ago I decided I wanted something simpler, easier to use, honest, and unique.  I had no idea what the site would look like.  However, I did know I wanted it to be more personal, more engaging, and more useful. Many of you may not know that this dentist writes all his website content.  I do not hire a

Our Wonderful Dallas area Dental Patient Reviews: Award Winning!

I have often written of our valued patients.  We do have the best patients in the world.  I know this because I know them.  Because of our dear patients and their making the effort to provide online reviews on my practice on their own time, we have been recognized by an independent online research organization for our quality reviews.  For the second year in a row we have won in 2012 the Talk of the Town Patient Satisfaction Award. This Talk of the Town Award is provided by the Talk of the Town News to businesses that have excellent online

Cerec Restorations, Single Visit Crowns and Partial Crowns

I invested in Cerec technology back in 2001.  There are multiple reasons why I made this commitment to Cerec.  The biggest reason why I chose Cerec was because it prevented the need for another visit.  I was interested in eliminating the potential for a temporary to fall out while patients were waiting to receive their final restoration.  Since many of these restorations are partial crowns the temporary had less tooth structure to hold on to so they did fall out with greater frequency than we were comfortable experiencing. The second reason why we invested in Cerec technology was because we

Dental Topics Explained

Answering Your Dental Questions We understand there are many sources for obtaining information concerning dentistry.  We have worked very hard to provide a website that may answer many of your questions.  Our intent is to be honest, brief, and relevant.  We have also decided recently to provide you to a wealth of honest information through the American Dental Association.  With this additional source we hope to enhance your trust in us as well as to provide you with more good information. ADA Patient Education My practice has consistently humbly presented itself as a place where patients can feel comfortable, where