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Our honest dentist websiteLike you I have done some surfing on the world wide web.  Many sites are cluttered, difficult to navigate, and outdated.  As far as dental websites, I have noticed similar qualities.  When I embarked on having my own website a few years ago I decided I wanted something simpler, easier to use, honest, and unique.  I had no idea what the site would look like.  However, I did know I wanted it to be more personal, more engaging, and more useful.
Many of you may not know that this dentist writes all his website content.  I do not hire a marketing guru who knows little about dentistry, me, or of my patients.  I do not hire a professional writer, who also would not know much about the same.  As it turned out I decided to actively administer the site on my own.  Every bit of the content is from me.  In that way I know what is on the site, I know it is honest, and I know it reflects me, my beliefs, and my practice in the way that it actually is.  So how does this benefit you?  How does the dentist writing content for his/her own website benefit the patient?
Well, perhaps you can answer the question better than me.  However, I would envision that the site is an extremely accurate representation of who I am, what my practice is like, and of how I would define my practice, its services, and its values. The site is a direct reflection of me and my practice, in a very specific and honest way.  The site is a direct extension of my practice.  As a result patients and prospective patients learn very deeply and in great detail about the practice and its sole dentist…me.  With this honest presentation, patients either will think we are indeed the practice for them, or that we are not.  That benefits all of us.
The purpose of the site is to benefit you.  With the site being actively administered and managed by me, I can make changes that make sense.  If you have any ideas or desires about the site please contact me and let me know.  I cannot say I know exactly what you want.  I would greatly value your input.  I thank you for your interest.
If you know someone who would value the dedication and honesty that I bring to my practice, please let them know about us.  We invite them or you to make an appointment to see what you may be missing…… You can contact us in any method you feel comfortable that is available on this page.  Again, we value your interest.

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