Dr. Venincasa, Awarded Top Dentist in Texas for Winter 2013

quality dental care dentist service traditional

quality dental care dentist service traditionalWe just found out this week that Mark Venincasa was just awarded as the Top Dentist in Texas for the Winter of 2013, by HealthTap.com.  HealthTap.com is an online site where patients can ask questions for dentists and doctors nationwide.  In turn dentists and doctors may choose to assist patients by answering the questions.  The answers are then critiqued and evaluated by the patient and by doctors and dentists nationwide.  Based on the level of involvement of the dentist and doctor and based upon the quality of their answers, the website awards the dentists and doctors on a quarterly basis.
During his term with HealthTap.com, Mark has become well-recognized for his expertise with porcelain veneers, false teeth, partial dentures, cosmetic dentistry, and root canals.  He has also been recognize for being nurturing and inspiring.  We humbly appreciate being recognized.  We truly value the ability to help patients, even those we may not ever see.
There is a need in this world for being respected, for being recognized, for desiring honest assistance, and for feeling cared for.  Dr. Venincasa’s involvement with HealthTap allows him to provide this for patients online.  We are very accustomed to providing these things for our valued patients in our dental office.  If you have had difficulty finding dental care from this kind of a dentist, we invite you to contact us to see what you have been missing.  We invite you to contact us in one of the ways you choose from this webpage.  We thank you for your interest!

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