Yes, You Can Have Really Nice Healthy Teeth!

Headache Woman webMany patients experience dental problems for most of their life.  Many patients have told me for over 25 years that every time they get their teeth cleaned they are in need of dental treatment.  For these patients it is frustrating.  They honestly think they are doing all the right things yet problems still seem to occur.
I truly feel for these patients.  I truly do.  They tell me they brush and they tell me they floss.  But they continue to have problems.  I want to help these patients.  I really want to break this cycle for them.
To assist these patients in breaking the cycle, we evaluate their habits.  We assist them in considering their eating and their hygiene habits.  In turn we offer suggestions.  Moreover we perform a very comprehensive oral examination including all needed x-rays.  Our aim is to identify any potential problem which may be overlooked.  Our aim is to find what has been going on during all these years to lead to continual problems.  Often we can find that problem.
At times we may find the dental work the patient had was marginally adequate.  At times we find that the care a patient obtained was in some way compromised either by the patient, their parents, or by the dentist.  At times we find there are eating habits or hygiene habits which needed to be addressed.  At times we find other factors were present which were never addressed like decreased saliva, marked grinding and/or clenching of the teeth, acid reflux, or some habit the patient had which was detrimental to the teeth.   We really look.
In these days when the delivery of medical and dental care is changing, there are forces which contribute to compromised care.  Thankfully here in the United States it is indeed still possible to get very good dental care.  You need to do your homework to find that dentist who is willing to work that hard to provide very good care.  We are very pleased to be offering this high level of care for our patients.  We are not encumbered by insurance plans which can limit our ability to provide quality care.  We are not owned by an entity which dictates the quality of care.  We are a traditional family practice which is founded upon traditional values; while providing up-to-date care which is proven and while providing unmistakable personal service.  We invite you to contact us if you are interested in seeing what you may be missing!

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