Our Digital X-Rays: What We Have Learned

LR PAX 082911We have been utilizing our digital x-rays for a few months now.  We have been able to get more accustomed to the new technology.  We have been able to learn more about the advantages of this technology.  To be honest, the big winner is you, our valued patient!
One of the best things about digital radiography is that we can now show you the images of the x-rays on the large monitor in front of you.  With a very brief and simple lesson we can show you how to view the x-rays to see what we see.  Like they say….a picture is worth a thousand words.  Many of you already have been pleasantly surprised to learn more about the condition of your mouth by being able to view the x-rays.
Secondly, we are definitely finding decay sooner than we have ever been able to before.  Honestly, looking at these images are like looking at HDTV.  The images are so much clearer with so much more detail.  In the past with our traditional x-ray film, there are many times when the film could not clearly show smaller areas of decay.  As a result we often would make a note to check these same areas at the next visit.  When we did follow up on these areas they were either clear, they could have been the same, or they could have been more apparent.  With our digital x-rays, there is no doubt to what we are seeing.  As a result there is no delay prior to determining if decay is truly present; we simply can know immediately because of the quality of these images.  The advantage to you is that we can more conservatively treat the teeth since the decayed areas can be smaller since we can find them sooner.
Thirdly, we are saving you time when we do take x-rays.  The images are ready for viewing within a few seconds on any monitor within my office.  This is opposed to our traditional film which may have taken up to ten minutes prior being able to view the images.
Moreover, for those of you with dental insurance or who need referral to a specialist, we can send the images digitally.  These same high quality images are available for us all.
And lastly, we did indeed decrease the exposure time of the radiation by over 65%.  Although the amount of radiation with dental x-rays is minimal, it is additive over time.  So you benefit by our exposing you to the minimum amount of radiation.
We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have concerning digital x-rays.  We invite you to refer your friends, coworkers, and family to us.  We are humbly privileged to be in the position to honestly help our valued patients with quality care and superb personal service.  Yes you do deserve that!

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