We Now Have Digital Dental X-Rays

Dexis Digital Dental RadiographyWe have all seen how mobile phones have changed in the past two to three years.  Well, the same explosion in technology took place in digital radiography.  While digital radiography has been around for considerably over ten years, its diagnostic capabilities were not yet a significant improvement.  However, the use of digital radiography now is very much like watching High Definition TV. 
The advantages of digital radiography are numerous.  We can now find problems sooner.  By finding problems sooner we can save patients from more extensive treatment, we can save more tooth structure, and we can save our valued patients money.  With digital radiography we can also save patients time since we can have access to the x-rays instantaneously.  With traditional x-rays it may have taken up to 20 minutes prior to being able to visualize the images.  Moreover, these high definition images can easily be shared with insurance companies to substantiate dental claims or with other dental specialists  if referral is needed.  Lastly with digital radiography patients are exposed to about one third the radiation.  Naturally less radiation is conducive to health. 
We are very pleased to have added this wonderful technology to my practice.  To summarize, digital radiography allows us to save tooth structure, to save patients money, to save patients time, to share information better if needed and with patient approval, and to decrease radiation exposure.  If you are interested in the benefits we offer with the latest in digital radiography we invite you to contact us by calling (972) 250-2580, or by using any other means available through this web page.  We thank you for your interest.

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