Yes, You Can Trust This Dentist with Your Dental Care

trust, trustworthy dentist, honestI realize we may have patients who trust us but perhaps may have some doubts.  I realize there are some of you out there in cyperspace who are looking for a dentist they can trust.  How is it that you can find a truly trustworthy dentist?  Would you go by the personality of the dentist?  Would you want to find the latest technology in the dental office?  Would you want to see their face on the cover of a small magazine at a restaurant or donut shop?  Would you look for the expensive ads of featured dentists on the top and right sidebar when Googling?  Would you look in a large impressive local magazine dedicated to your large city, where dentists also pay large sums of money to have a half or full paged ad?
I know it is difficult.  Historically we could count on word-of-mouth referral.  When your friends or family members made a recommendation to you concerning a dentist, that carried some weight.  However, sometimes we may still have questions or doubts.  How can we reconcile those? 
With the coming of the Internet a whole new world has been created.  We can search online and find reviews.  With some careful research, we can find more clarity in searching for a trustworthy dentist. 
Can you trust us?  Humbly, always, I say you can trust us.  My practice has been in existence since 1986.  My practice has grown primarily through word-of-mouth referral.  However, with this new world of the Internet, our valued patients have created wonderful reviews.  We are grateful for these reviews and the feedback they provide.   In fact, because of the quantity and quality of our reviews, my dental practice is award-winning. 
We are ranked #4 in Dallas by, 2012
We won the Talk of the Town Patient Satisfaction Award in 2011 and 2012
My profile page on is ranked in the Top 5% based upon visits and interest in our page, 2012
We are ranked in the Top 12 in the greater Carrollton area and greater Plano area by, 2012
With humility and gratefulness we value our patients immensely.  We thank them for taking the time on their own outside of the dental office to create these award-winning reviews.  These honest reviews were done without an agreed upon or arranged benefit.  These reviews describe how they trust us.  They describe a lot.  We hope these help you to trust us too.  We invite you to contact us to see what you may be missing by utilizing any method you prefer on this webpage.

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