Cerec Restorations, Single Visit Crowns and Partial Crowns

Cerec single visit crowns Dallas

I invested in Cerec technology back in 2001.  There are multiple reasons why I made this commitment to Cerec.  The biggest reason why I chose Cerec was because it prevented the need for another visit.  I was interested in eliminating the potential for a temporary to fall out while patients were waiting to receive their final restoration.  Since many of these restorations are partial crowns the temporary had less tooth structure to hold on to so they did fall out with greater frequency than we were comfortable experiencing.
The second reason why we invested in Cerec technology was because we then had the ability to provide a high quality restoration within two hours.  So not only are we eliminating the potential for a temporary crown to fall out.  We are also preventing the need for that second appointment to receive the final restoration.  We very much respect our patient’s time.
The third reason why I invested in Cerec was because it was the most highly researched restoration in history at that time.  This technology was created in Europe because silver fillings were determined to be unsafe and thus were banned from the European countries (research does not support this conclusion).   This restoration was found to be stronger and longer lasting than silver fillings.  This restoration was also found to strengthen the remaining tooth structure.  Silver fillings in fact weaken remaining tooth structure.
The final reason why I chose this Cerec technology was because it allows us to create restorations which preserve tooth structure.  With this we do not have to place a crown to protect a tooth when much of the tooth is strong enough to preserve.  Many dentists will place a crown on a tooth because they are easier and more predictable in their hands.  However, in doing this, many times too much tooth structure is removed to prepare for the crown when a partial crown would have been a more prudent and conservative option.  In my hands the Cerec restorations are just as easy and predictable as full crowns.
If you value our conservativeness in treatment, our honesty in delivering care, and our commitment to quality and service, we invite you to either give us a call at (972) 250-2580 or to contact us in a manner of your choosing that you find on this page.  We appreciate your visiting our site, an extention of my unique dental practice.

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