My Failing My First Board Exam in 1986, A Blessing!

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dentist trust caring quality expert qualityAfter the completion of dental school, graduating students must take their board examination to get licensed by their respective state.  In my case, I had graduated in the Top 10% of my class; however, time expired without my completing all the requirements of the board exam and so I failed.  This was a most difficult time in my life.  How was I to define myself?  I had graduated from dental school, I had performed very well, yet I could not practice dentistry.  For three long months I had to wait to take the examination for the second time.  Thankfully I did pass the exam that second time.  This difficulty ended up to be a blessing.
How can this be a blessing?  More than just about anyone else, I value that Texas state license.  I realize it is a privilege.  I realize that it is the state’s way of determining if I can be trusted to treat the citizen’s of this great state.  I may sound like I am going overboard.  But I am being so very honest.
It means a great deal to me to be a Texas dentist.  I have dreamed of becoming a dentist since I was four years-old.  I worked hard in school.  I did well.  Yet I had to take the board exam twice.  I know it is a privilege.  Every day still I do my best to care for my valued patients.  Every day I get to work early to go over the charts for the day.  Every day I enter my office with my pleasant and kind demeanor.  With each patient I am fully engaged in my discussions with them and in my care for them.  I take the practice of dentistry so very seriously in so many ways.  Yet I totally love my job.
As a result of all this, my patients do indeed benefit.  My patients know that it is me who will care for them.  These days the practice of dentistry is changing; you may not know who is to treat you on a particular day.  Moreover, I most humbly state, my patients know they can trust me.  They trust me because they have been with me for years.  They trust me because we have wonderful online reviews.  They trust me because they know me or know someone who does know me.  I do have a very unique practice.  There is so much more going on within the walls of my practice than simply providing dental care.  Our patients know of the relationship they can have with this dentist.  Our patients know of the deep concern we have for them.  We invite you to experience what you may be missing.  We invite you to contact us by calling (972) 250-2580, or by any other method you prefer which you have access to from this web page.

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