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Looking for a Highly Reviewed, Highly Ranked, and Highly Rated Dallas Area Dentist?

Yes, we all want a dentist we can trust. However, in this current time, it can be so difficult to find a highly reviewed and highly rated dentist. In the past, dental offices used to be named after the dentist performing the care. This is what you will find with me; the name of my dental practice is “Mark A. Venincasa DDS.” Patients in my dental practice know what they are getting. They know we have no rotation of dentists. They know that I own my dental practice. They know that I am here pretty much 100% of the time

Bonding: Beautiful Result for Chipped Front Teeth!

It is quite common for the front teeth to chip or fracture. Depending upon the size of the chip, correction can be achieved by smoothing, bonding, placing a porcelain veneer, or replacing the tooth with a crown. It is very rare when a chipped or broken tooth much be extracted. In this case, the damage was well within the conditions which point towards a bonding procedure. As can be seen, the result was quite nice! With proper care, this repair can last for many years. For some patients, a night guard would be recommended to protect the repair and the

Finding a Dentist Who Saves You Money

Many want to find a dentist who saves them money. Many patients opt for a managed care insurance plan dentist or for a “coupon dentist.” I can understand how that may save them money today, yet will that managed care insurance plan or coupon save them money in the future? Feel free to peruse my website on that. There are things to consider with managed care insurance plans and with coupons. For the purpose of this post, I see three things that may save patients thousands of dollars over that of any other thing, including managed care dental insurance. These

Dr. V is a Top Rated Dentist in Dallas

We just found out that Dr. V is a “2016 Top Rated Dentist.” We found out through Dallas Top Rated Doctors, which is a production company in partnership with the national FOX network. Dr. V was selected based upon popular ranking by patients on review websites,  upon the findings of leading independent healthcare rating companies, upon his professional qualifications and reputation, as well as being based upon his skills in dealing with patients. This is not the first time that Dr. V has been recognized. Quite a few websites and research companies have rated or ranked Dr. V highly for

Not All Toothaches Require Root Canal Therapy!

Well, it happened again this week. We had three patients with a toothache. For many patients and for quite a few dentists, this may mean the need for  root canal treatment. However, this is not necessarily true, at all. Evidence-based dentistry and thoroughness in diagnosis and treatment planning often indicates another manner to treat. There are many things that can contribute to a toothache. Just because you have a toothache does not at all mean that you should assume you need root canal treatment. In fact, I am willing to admit, and I am publishing now which I have never

Cosmetic Dentistry in Dallas

Yes, I do realize that the public is targeted for many advertisements on cosmetic dentistry here in Dallas. Many dentists pay a lot of money to show up on the top and right columns of the search pages within search engines. We have opted not to do that. We rely on patient referrals and we rely on patient reviews. We also rely on our website to provide honest and relevant information for our patients and prospective patients. We also rely on the quality of our work to spread the word about our cosmetic dentistry. With cosmetic dentistry, there is quite

Root Canal Dentists in Dallas

Yes, there are many root canal dentists in Dallas. They can be in the form of an endodontist or in the form of a general dentist. So, how do you go about selecting one? In the past, asking friends and neighbors was the primary way patients would find their dentist. However, with the Worldwide Web, patients can research root canal dentists. Patients can find certified patient reviews of dentists, they can find information on the dentist’s websites, and they can find ratings of dentists as well. I myself would utilize the Internet to find a dentist as well. There is

Dental Bonding: A Relatively Inexpensive Way to Close Gaps Between Front Teeth

In some cases, judicious dental bonding can tremendously enhance a smile. Today, we had the privilege to assist this kind patient, who found us through online research. This trusting patient wanted to close the gap between the front teeth. That is all the patient wanted. Since our valued patient knew exactly what dental work was desired, we did not attempt to change that. We did not attempt to get this patient to do more. We simply saw no problem with doing exactly what was desired. In the end, within an hour, all was said and done without dental anesthesia and

Some Dentists Can Save You Money

I realize you may feel like you must choose a dentist in your dental plan to save money. I realize you may feel like you need a coupon or discount when seeing a dentist to save money. I know you are bombarded by your employer to pick a dentist in the booklet. However, you may not be saving money at all. To explain further about dentists as “preferred providers”, these dentists have signed a contract with the insurance carrier to charge less than their normal rates in order to have the insurer or employer market the practice to the employees.