Bonding: Beautiful Result for Chipped Front Teeth!

dental bonding, chipped tooth, broken tooth
Prior to Repair with Bonding by Dr. Mark Venincasa
Following Repair with Bonding by Dr. Mark Venincasa

It is quite common for the front teeth to chip or fracture. Depending upon the size of the chip, correction can be achieved by smoothing, bonding, placing a porcelain veneer, or replacing the tooth with a crown. It is very rare when a chipped or broken tooth much be extracted.

In this case, the damage was well within the conditions which point towards a bonding procedure. As can be seen, the result was quite nice! With proper care, this repair can last for many years. For some patients, a night guard would be recommended to protect the repair and the teeth from the forces of clenching and grinding.

Materials and techniques have changed that allow for very nice results. Dr. Venincasa is committed to providing patients with most reasonable and beautiful treatment alternatives. Because of his honesty, his attention to detail, and his skill set, Dr. Venincasa saves his patients thousands of dollars in unnecessary dental expenses. For this reason, Dr. Venincasa is highly reviewed online with over seven hundred postings by his valued patients over multiple websites, is recognized as one of the best dentists in America, and Dr. Venincasa is Facebook’s most liked one-dentist, single-location, privately-owned and operated general dentist in the Dallas area!

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