Dr. V’s Secrets for Good Dental Health: No Lie!

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Every day, we offer patients tips on how to best care for their teeth. We are happy to share these with them. For these patients, the tips are individualized to their needs. However, I can share some secret things that could be helpful for all people. Here I go (don’t tell anyone):

Flossing really does work. However, to be most effective, it must be done daily and it must be done correctly. If you are interested, please follow this link.

If you absolutely cannot do flossing or will not do it, the WaterPik is a solution which may even be more effective than flossing. You’re welcome!

If you eat or drink anything that is not water, either as a meal or as a snack, drink/swish water to wash away food particles and to clear out the acidity and sugars that may well exist between your teeth! Please, make sure your bottled water has a pH that is above 5.5; this can be researched online. Some bottled waters have the acidity of sodas, so please know about your chosen brand of water. For more on this, I invite you to follow this.

If you have gaps between your teeth that attract food, you may need special interproximal brushes that will clean those areas out, way better than just flossing. These brushes may be Christmas-tree shaped or shaped like a pipe cleaner. Using the right size of these can prevent problematic decay at the gum line between the teeth. Here are some samples; any brand will do.

If you have problems with decay, you might want to try having three occasions of using a Xylitol product. Xylitol is a sweetener that actually kills the bacteria that causes decay. After fluoride, this is the best thing to have happened in the way of chemicals to prevent decay, in my honest opinion. These three occasions can be three times during the day at which you partake of a gum or mint that contains Xylitol. You will see this labelled on the product’s list of ingredients. Yes, “Mentos” and “Trident” contain Xylitol. “Starbuck’s” mints and gums may still have Xylitol. Fluoride rinses like “Act” and “Fluorigard” are still wonderful as well. Do the Xylitol and the rinse!

Please see your dentist at least twice a year. Period. I know this sounds self-serving. . . An honest and conservative dentist (like moi) can save you thousands of dollars. Just do it.

When your toothbrush bristles no longer remain straight, just replace the brush. The bristles have lost that ability to rebound back straight, so they are not as effective.

If you clench or grind your teeth, please get evaluated by your dentist to check for the need of a night guard. These can be life-changing! In my practice, these night guards change the dental experience of patients when needed, within one to two years. We have seen this hundreds of times. Again, you’re welcome!

OK, I brush six times a day. I know. . . But if you can do it well, at least twice daily, I will be able to sleep well. For more on this, follow this link.

That is all I have for now. If you want more, please follow this link to my personal blog on prevention. Again, you’re welcome!

If you want to know more about us, we invite you to follow this link. If you want to know more about Dr. V, we invite you to follow this link or this one, which is different. If you want an appointment to see what you may be missing, we invite you to go to this link, or call us at our north Dallas office at (972) 250-2580.

Thank you for your interest in my website and in my practice!

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