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cosmetic smile makeover, porcelain veneers, Venincasa DentalYes, I do realize that the public is targeted for many advertisements on cosmetic dentistry here in Dallas. Many dentists pay a lot of money to show up on the top and right columns of the search pages within search engines. We have opted not to do that. We rely on patient referrals and we rely on patient reviews. We also rely on our website to provide honest and relevant information for our patients and prospective patients. We also rely on the quality of our work to spread the word about our cosmetic dentistry.
With cosmetic dentistry, there is quite a variation on the plans of care that dentists can provide patients for cosmetic dentistry. The plans can range in fees anywhere from several hundred dollars to over $50,000. There is a great range because the scope of care can vary. These variations may depend upon the needs of each patient, these variations may depend upon the mix of services provided by the dentist, and these variations may depend upon the personal desires of the dentist. So, how do you go about selecting a cosmetic dentist?
To me, online reviews are a key factor in the decision. Many websites offer opportunities for patients to submit reviews. These sites include DemandForce, DoctorOogle, Angie’s List, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many others. In many of these cases, actual patients are providing honest reviews. In fewer cases, patients may be incentivized to provide these reviews. In my practice, we very much value the reviews; however, we do not offer patients a benefit in exchange for their reviews in order to maintain honesty and integrity with our reviews. As a result, all our reviews are honest and are done outside our practice and computers.
Another way to select a cosmetic dentist is to evaluate their website. Now, many cosmetic dentists provide full profile images of their patients. I have chosen not to do this. Instead, I provide images to show the dentistry between the bottom of the nose to the chin. I have decided that I want to maintain the dignity of my patients as valued individuals. I have chosen not to use their identity for advertising purposes. I respect our patients immensely and would not want them in any way to feel uncomfortable with my using their identifiable images for my own purposes. Moreover, concerning our website, I provide all the content myself. I do not pay a professional writer. I have chosen to do this because I know me better, I know how my practice works better, and I know what is honest about my practice. Not only that, but I REALLY CARE. I immensely care for my patients and my practice. My desire is for the website to reflect who I am and what my practice is. So, as a result, I produce the website.
I realize it is a difficult endeavor to select a cosmetic dentist. However, if you are in need of a cosmetic dentist in Dallas, we invite you to see our reviews, we invite you to peruse my website, and we invite you to call us for an appointment at (972) 250-2580. Thank you for your interest in this post.

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