Dental Bonding: A Relatively Inexpensive Way to Close Gaps Between Front Teeth

dental bonding, gaps in front teeth, Venincasa Dental

dental bonding, gaps in front teeth, Venincasa Dentaldental bonding, front teeth gaps, Venincasa Dental
In some cases, judicious dental bonding can tremendously enhance a smile. Today, we had the privilege to assist this kind patient, who found us through online research. This trusting patient wanted to close the gap between the front teeth. That is all the patient wanted.
Since our valued patient knew exactly what dental work was desired, we did not attempt to change that. We did not attempt to get this patient to do more. We simply saw no problem with doing exactly what was desired.
In the end, within an hour, all was said and done without dental anesthesia and with little to no discomfort. The patient was very satisfied with the final result. This is one of the times when doing what we do is so very fun and fulfilling.
If you or someone you know desires assistance with bonding, or a smile makeover, we invite you to contact us at (972) 250-2580. We treat all our patients with respect and honesty. We do our best for them as if they are family. We are committed to this manner of delivering quality dental care.

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