FDA Continues to Provide Warnings About Smokeless Tobacco

smokeless tobacco, Venincasa Dental

smokeless tobacco, Venincasa DentalAccording to the ADA News, June 1, 2015 issue, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rejected a petition to label smokeless tobacco products as safer than cigarettes on May 11, 2015. Currently and in the past, all packages of smokeless tobacco products as well as advertising must provide clear written warnings about either mouth cancer, gum disease, tooth loss, or addiction,  or about these products not being a “safe alternative to cigarettes”.  The FDA upheld this in the ruling last month.
The American Dental Association (ADA) supports the FDA on this issue. The ADA views the FDA current warnings as “clear, concise, and scientifically sound”.
In the 12-page FDA letter, the FDA indicated that the warnings can be adjusted over time as more evidence becomes apparent. As a result of this rule, all smokeless tobacco products must carry these warnings.
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