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Root Canals with Crowns: Some Facts to Consider

It is common for patients with tooth sensitivity or soreness to think that they need a “root canal.” It is also common for dentists to perform root canals when patients have tooth sensitivity or soreness. However, I would contend that a significant percentage of root canal treatments with crowns do not need to be done. There are multiple reasons why tooth sensitivity or soreness may exist. In my family-owned dental practice, in which I am the sole dentist, I have the freedom and virtues to explore exactly why the sensitivity or soreness exist. The information I evaluate to determine the

Do I Really Need Root Canal Treatment Through a Crown?

Patients often have some questions or concerns about performing root canal treatment through a crown. This is understandable. Many patients think that teeth with crowns should no longer require treatment. Many patients may also think that their crown would be damaged by performing root canal treatment through them. As a result of these questions or concerns, I have decided to address this subject matter within this post. First of all, teeth that have crowns have a history of trauma that can lead to the need for root canal therapy. This history of trauma includes prior decay, cracks, fillings, breaks in

Our Inclement Weather Guideline: When the Potential for Ice, Snow, and Sleet Exists

We all have been hearing for quite a few days about our impending cold weather with precipitation of some kind. My dental office hours will follow those of the Plano Independent School District; their resources for data on making decisions concerning inclement weather exceed mine. So, if the Plano schools are closed tomorrow, on Thursday, so are we. If the Plano schools open later on Thursday, we will open at the same time. This makes it easy for our valued patients to know right away and as soon as possible, by following the link to the Plano schools home page:

PPO Insurance: Choosing an Out of Network Provider May Be Best for You

Yes, it is true that in-network providers sign a contract with PPO insurers. These contracts allow for marketing of the dental practices and create discounted fee schedules that in-network dentists must honor. In-network providers are not selected for the quality of care. So, why would dentists discount their fees to be in-network? Obviously, they need the marketing of their practices from the insurer? Perhaps the dental practice is new, perhaps the dental practice location is new, perhaps the dental practice is increasing their number of dentists, and perhaps patients are not referring back to the practice as much as is

Looking for a Caring, 5-Star Reviewed and Rated Dallas-Area Dentist?

We know that many patients have not been entirely satisfied with their past dental experiences at other dental offices. There are many reasons for this. These include changing dental plans, changing dental practice owners, and the emergence of outside-owned dental practices that may even look like private practices. As a result of all this, patients are treated by different dentists, patients experience differing dental staffs, and the traditional dental practice model is more difficult to find. We understand this! We really do. Dr. Venincasa has been serving the north Dallas/Plano/Richardson/Frisco areas and the Addison/Carrollton/Farmers Branch areas since 1986. We have

The Year’s End: Do You Have Unused Benefits for Dental Care?

As the year is about to end, we all have many chores and activities to plan for; one of these is obtaining recommended/needed dental care before unused benefits are lost. These benefits may include dental insurance proceeds, flexible spending account monies, or medical savings account benefits. In many cases, if these benefits are not used, they expire. So, if you have dental care that you want or need, now is the time to make those necessary appointments. Many dental offices can be very busy at this time of year. In addition, many dental offices have closed weekdays in order to

RSV is Causing More DFW Children Hospitalizations than the COVID Variant

Yes, COVID-19 is for real and we do need to continue our efforts to prevent the spread of the virus; with that, we are hearing that the Dallas-Fort Worth area hospitals are overwhelmed with children needing care. This leads us to “assume” that the COVID variant is causing this, when, in actuality, it is RSV that is causing the most hospitalizations at this time. To address this point, according to Morgan Young of on August 13, 2021, “On Friday, [Fort Worth’s] Cook Children’s reported it’s seeing about 200 [RSV] cases per week. This week, the DFW Hospital Council reported

CDC Masking Changes of 05-13-2021: Masks Required in Healthcare Settings Still

Yes, the CDC is continuing to loosen up on their restrictions, and mask wear is now not required nor suggested in many settings. However, with that, mask wear is still mandated by the CDC in public transportation settings and healthcare settings, among others, for public safety reasons. To be very specific, the CDC Update includes “that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance in any setting, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance . . . [and] that fully vaccinated people

CDC Mask and Vaccinated Person Update of 04-27-2021: No Change for Healthcare Settings

Yes, we all are tiring of this pandemic. Yes, other influences have affected our nation’s response to this pandemic, outside of facts and medical science. Yes, many of us want to be free and feel we have rights to exercise our freedoms. Yet, with all this and more, the last thing that healthcare settings want to do is to cause harm. To some degree, yes, the CDC carries this same responsibility towards our nation’s public health. So, in light of the releasing of restrictions by the CDC in the temporary update of 04-27-2021, healthcare settings are still highly recommended to