The Year’s End: Do You Have Unused Benefits for Dental Care?

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As the year is about to end, we all have many chores and activities to plan for; one of these is obtaining recommended/needed dental care before unused benefits are lost. These benefits may include dental insurance proceeds, flexible spending account monies, or medical savings account benefits. In many cases, if these benefits are not used, they expire.

So, if you have dental care that you want or need, now is the time to make those necessary appointments. Many dental offices can be very busy at this time of year. In addition, many dental offices have closed weekdays in order to take time off over the holidays. Our office will be closed for the calendar year starting on Christmas Eve.

For those with dental insurance, a new year of benefits may begin in January. In this way, more dental care can be pursued in a shorter amount of time.

If you are in need of a dentist you can trust, we invite you to contact us. We are patient-centered, value-conscious, quality-oriented, highly-awarded, and privately-owned by our sole dentist, Dr. Mark Venincasa. We are also the most-liked dental office of its kind on Facebook. We invite you to experience what you may be missing.

We thank you for your interest. We invite you to peruse our website, which is published by our sole dentist. Again, we invite you to contact us for an appointment.

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