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My Unique Dental Practice: Highly Ranked, Patient-Centered, Value-Conscious, and Quality-Oriented

Yes, humbly, my dental practice is quite unique. I know this is so because of what others tell us, whether they be patients, team members, sales representatives, delivery personnel, or online research organizations. So, how are we unique? First, we deeply care for every patient. This care is grounded upon my wanting to be a dentist since I was four years old, it is grounded upon my personal work ethic to always do my best in all I do, and it is grounded upon my character, which is based upon kindness, generosity, gentleness, prudence, patience, fairness, charity, and faith. All

A Unique Dallas Dentist: Traditional Values, Patient-Centered, and Highly-Rated, Ranked, and Reviewed

Some patients think all dental offices are the same, not unlike buying the same Polo-branded shirt at Marshall’s, Kohl’s, Dillard’s, and Neiman’s. Well, this analogy is not applicable at all because dental services are performed by individuals, and individuals vary in their skills, their attention to detail, their interests, their foundational values and motivations, and more. Here at my practice, patients know who their dentist is going to be, as I am the only dentist caring for them. They also are aware of our being patient-centered, quality-oriented, value-conscious, and family-owned. They know all these things because they experience us and

The Value of Regular Dental Care

Many people try to save money in many ways. Certainly this is commendable. We all work hard for our money. It makes sense to spend it wisely. When it comes to dental care, people may try to delay seeing a dentist for regular care. I can certainly understand this. Truly I can. If nothing seems broken and if there is no pain, many believe that all is well. I wish I could agree with that statement. If nothing seems broken and if there is no pain, is there a chance there is something wrong? Based on my knowledge and experience,

The Value of Work (This Dentist, This Dental Practice, The Value of Patients)

Many of us do work whether we are at a job or we raise our children at home.  For many of us this work can be a drudgery, it can drain the energy out of us, or we think that life is passing us by.  Some of us may not work at all or we may simply pass our days playing or doing what we enjoy.  I write not to judge.  I write today simply to offer another way to view work.  As my life has progressed, especially this past six years, I have found a strengthening and life-giving way

Do My Silver Fillings Need to Be Replaced?

It is not uncommon for patients to ask if their silver fillings need to be replaced. I certainly can understand the concern. Ever since silver fillings came into existence, there has been debate about them within the dental community. Yes, it is true that silver fillings contain the element mercury. However, when properly mixed, there is minimal if any free mercury. Within the United States, the dental community has not been offered solid proof that silver fillings cause harm. Yes, better materials exists now. However, this is not a reason alone to replace adequate silver fillings. I often compare this

Most Common Second Opinion: Do I Really Need a “Deep Cleaning?”

We often have patients visit my office for a second opinion. The most common question is something like, “Do I really need a deep cleaning?” This question is brought up because these patients have never been told this before. They most often went to a dental office because of a coupon, an enticing advertisement, or because the dental office is a “preferred provider” on their dental insurance. They enter these offices with trust; but, they felt in some way pressured to get a “deep cleaning.” To be honest with you, easily more than half of these second opinion seeking patients

Office Closure Continues for Wednesday, February 1, 2023: We Follow the PISD

As indicated on the Plano Independent School District website just now, and imaged above, their schools are closed tomorrow, Wednesday, February 1, 2023. Traditionally, my dental office has followed the lead of the PISD in these matters, as they have much more in the way of resources and information to make these calls on closings and delays, for a very wide area. We continue to follow the PISD this time as well. We are closed tomorrow, Wednesday, for patient appointments. Our Thursday delay or closing will again be dependent upon the PISD, out of an abundance of caution. Again, for

Looking for a Highly Reviewed, Highly Ranked, and Highly Rated Dallas Area Dentist?

Yes, we all want a dentist we can trust. However, in this current time, it can be so difficult to find a highly reviewed and highly rated dentist. In the past, dental offices used to be named after the dentist performing the care. This is what you will find with me; the name of my dental practice is “Mark A. Venincasa DDS.” Patients in my dental practice know what they are getting. They know we have no rotation of dentists. They know that I own my dental practice. They know that I am here pretty much 100% of the time

Athletic Mouthguards: A Worthy Investment

With pandemic loosening up and with the spring and summer months upon us, physical activity and sporting opportunities may be more available. Some of these activities may present risks of damage for the teeth. In these instances, an athletic mouthguard may be wise to wear. Sports for which an athletic mouthguard would be recommended include basketball, resistance training with weights, soccer, rugby, football, and more. Chipping, breaking, or dislodging the front teeth is quite common as a dental emergency. This is especially true for children and young adults, who tend to be more active. Depending on personal desires or affordability,