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Year End Insurance Benefits

Before we all know it the year 2014 will be here.  We all know how quickly the year progresses once Halloween passes.  For that reason we are offering you a kind reminder. For many insurance plans the benefits are defined by the calendar year.  There is a finite amount of benefit dollars that exist each year.  If the benefits are not used by the end of the insurance year they are lost.  Hence we offer this reminder.  If you know there is treatment remaining for you we invite you to consider making an appointment to obtain this care now that

Utilizing Insurance Benefits and Flexible Spending Account Benefits Prior to Year’s End

Many patients have assistance in paying for their dental services.  Some examples of these include  dental insurance benefits as well as flexible spending account benefits.  Most dental insurance plans have annual benefits that apply to a calendar year.  If you or a family member have need for dental care and dental insurance dollars are still available for the current year, then this would be a good time to schedule to have that care done.  This calendar year will be ending sooner than we may realize.  The benefits are provided as a part of your compensation package.  These benefits are meant to be

Dental vs. Auto Insurance

Many of you may have dental insurance as well as auto insurance. We all can understand auto insurance very well. It takes care of us in the event of an accident, a theft, and weather damage. However, auto insurance does not pay for gasoline, tires, maintenance, and accessories, among other things. Many of us accept the limitations of our auto insurance. However, dental insurance is often misunderstood. Many patients see dental insurance as something that pays for most of their dental care. This is simply not the case. Dental insurance does not provide for cosmetic services, it does not provide

Dental Insurance Plans

I understand patients want to take advantage of their dental insurance plans.  I do understand patients want to prevent spending money unnecessarily.  I do empathize with you.  Truly I do. For all my life I wanted to be a dentist.  I want to help people.  I want to help people from all walks of life.  I do not want to treat only those considered rich.  I want to be able to treat most everyone.  However, I also want to provide very good care.  I want to provide very honest care.  I want to provide care that is in every way

What Makes Us So Good at Insurance?

We Work Hard for You There are many insurance plans. We have three different software applications that enable us to estimate as best we can how your insurance carrier may pay towards dental procedures. These three applications are very specific about finding out information about your particular plan with your employer. By taking advantage of these applications and by being very motivated to provide superb personal service, we can provide as accurate of an estimate on insurance payments as the industry may allow. As a result, our patients understand prior to treatment what their out of pocket expenses may be.

Some Assurance on Dental Insurance

Before we initiate any treatment, we work very hard to explain treatment options along with their advantages and disadvantages.  Following that, we present to our patients the fees, as well as our estimate of how insurance may pay as well.  In that way patients have an estimate of their out-of-pocket dental expense.  While we work very hard to make these estimates accurate, dental offices at this time still cannot have instant access to the databases of individual insurance carriers for determination of benefits.  As a result, we may only provide good faith estimates for which we cannot be held accountable.  We do the best any dental practice can

Insurance and Payment Options

Everyone needs dental care, but no one likes to think about the costs. Fortunately, the staff at Venincasa Dental is here to help make our care as affordable and painless as possible. We offer many ways for patients to pay, from traditional insurance to payment plans. We are pleased to accept many dental insurance plans, including those from Aetna, Cigna, MetLife, and United Healthcare. Some PPO plans offer benefits that can be used at Venincasa Dental. Don’t see your insurance plan here? Please give us a call at 972-250-2580 and our helpful staff can discuss our many options with you.

My Unique Dental Practice: Highly Ranked, Patient-Centered, Value-Conscious, and Quality-Oriented

Yes, humbly, my dental practice is quite unique. I know this is so because of what others tell us, whether they be patients, team members, sales representatives, delivery personnel, or online research organizations. So, how are we unique? First, we deeply care for every patient. This care is grounded upon my wanting to be a dentist since I was four years old, it is grounded upon my personal work ethic to always do my best in all I do, and it is grounded upon my character, which is based upon kindness, generosity, gentleness, prudence, patience, fairness, charity, and faith. All

Most Common Second Opinion: Do I Really Need a “Deep Cleaning?”

We often have patients visit my office for a second opinion. The most common question is something like, “Do I really need a deep cleaning?” This question is brought up because these patients have never been told this before. They most often went to a dental office because of a coupon, an enticing advertisement, or because the dental office is a “preferred provider” on their dental insurance. They enter these offices with trust; but, they felt in some way pressured to get a “deep cleaning.” To be honest with you, easily more than half of these second opinion seeking patients