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Looking for a Highly Reviewed, Highly Ranked, and Highly Rated Dallas Area Dentist?

Yes, we all want a dentist we can trust. However, in this current time, it can be so difficult to find a highly reviewed and highly rated dentist. In the past, dental offices used to be named after the dentist performing the care. This is what you will find with me; the name of my dental practice is “Mark A. Venincasa DDS.” Patients in my dental practice know what they are getting. They know we have no rotation of dentists. They know that I own my dental practice. They know that I am here pretty much 100% of the time

A Unique Dallas Dentist: Traditional Values, Patient-Centered, and Highly-Rated, Ranked, and Reviewed

Some patients think all dental offices are the same, not unlike buying the same Polo-branded shirt at Marshall’s, Kohl’s, Dillard’s, and Neiman’s. Well, this analogy is not applicable at all because dental services are performed by individuals, and individuals vary in their skills, their attention to detail, their interests, their foundational values and motivations, and more. Here at my practice, patients know who their dentist is going to be, as I am the only dentist caring for them. They also are aware of our being patient-centered, quality-oriented, value-conscious, and family-owned. They know all these things because they experience us and

The Year’s End: Do You Have Unused Benefits for Dental Care?

As the year is about to end, we all have many chores and activities to plan for; one of these is obtaining recommended/needed dental care before unused benefits are lost. These benefits may include dental insurance proceeds, flexible spending account monies, or medical savings account benefits. In many cases, if these benefits are not used, they expire. So, if you have dental care that you want or need, now is the time to make those necessary appointments. Many dental offices can be very busy at this time of year. In addition, many dental offices have closed weekdays in order to

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

What are Wisdom Teeth? The molars are your widest teeth, found at the back of your mouth. The third molars on each side are often called wisdom teeth.  In many people, wisdom teeth do not develop until early adulthood, usually between ages 17 and 22. For some, the arrival of wisdom teeth can be painful. In many cases, they can become trapped, or “impacted.” If untreated, this can lead to infections and oral pain. Do My Wisdom Teeth Need to be Extracted? Not all wisdom teeth require extraction, but most do need to come out. Not everyone’s mouth is large enough

Meet Dr. Venincasa and His Team

Dr. Mark Venincasa Dr. Venincasa has been providing quality dental care in an honest, ethical, conservative, and professional manner since 1986, with much success. His expertise include cosmetic, full-mouth restorative, and patient-centered dentistry. His patients know him to be value-conscious and quality-oriented. Hundreds of his patients have entrusted him to their professional dental care for over 25 years.  Dr. Venincasa was born in Englewood, New Jersey, located just across the Hudson River from Yankee Stadium in New York City.  When he was 14 years old, his family moved to Dallas, Texas. He attended Richardson JJ Pearce High School.  Mark feels

Behind the Surgical Mask: Another COVID-19 Story

I am a general dentist in Dallas, Texas. Because of this current COVID-19 Pandemic, Governor Greg Abbott has, by executive order, closed down dental offices across the state for over a month for all but the more emergent of circumstances that result in a patient’s inability to eat or that may cause an emergency room visit if a dentist does not intervene. Many other businesses and workers have been adversely affected as well all across the country. This is a very surreal position to find ourselves in. This came upon us very suddenly. We had no idea there would be

I Miss My Work! Another COVID-19 Story

I know this sounds odd, but I miss my work! There has been very little I have done in the way of patient care for almost a month because of the public concerns with this novel coronavirus, because of the national recommendation of social distancing since March 16, 2020, and because of Governor Abbott’s executive orders of March 19, 2020, and March 31, 2020. I miss my work, I miss relating to my coworkers and my patients, and I miss the routine of my life! Never had I imagined governments removing my ability to work. Because of the law, I

Saving Dental Patients Money and Time

The delivery of dental care has changed drastically in one generation. These days, other entities are involved which can have an effect on how patients are treated. The entities include management companies, dental insurance companies, retail-type organizations, investors, large corporations, or others. The intent of these entities is to increase efficiency in the delivery of care, to hold down procedural costs, and to share dental expenses among a number of dentists, among other things. This all sounds great. With this, there are pressures on these dental offices to do more procedures since profit margins are being squeezed. As a result,

Cosmetic Dentistry with a Smile Makeover: By An Award-Winning North Dallas Dentist

Many people want to enhance their image and their appearance. One of the ways this may be accomplished is with cosmetic dentistry. There are multiple ways cosmetic dentistry can be accomplished. It can be done by whitening teeth, by reshaping teeth, through orthodontic treatment, with dental bonding, or with porcelain veneers and crowns. In this case, excess gum was removed, and crowns were meticulously created to achieve an aesthetic and long-term functional result. There are many dentists who provide this service; however, you want to make sure a reputable dentist cares for your teeth. You have one set of teeth.