Saving Dental Patients Money and Time

Venincasa Dental, Dallas dentist

The delivery of dental care has changed drastically in one generation. These days, other entities are involved which can have an effect on how patients are treated. The entities include management companies, dental insurance companies, retail-type organizations, investors, large corporations, or others. The intent of these entities is to increase efficiency in the delivery of care, to hold down procedural costs, and to share dental expenses among a number of dentists, among other things.

This all sounds great. With this, there are pressures on these dental offices to do more procedures since profit margins are being squeezed. As a result, plans of treatment may be more aggressive than mine, and up selling may be more of the norm. In addition, there is pressure to more “efficiently” use their time, which may involve care being done on a tighter schedule, or may involve “double-booking” appointments to make sure the dentists are working more minutes. Further, patients have less control of who their dentist is because more offices have more than one dentist, or they have a higher rate of the turnover of dentists since they are not owners of the practice. Finally, many of these dental offices are staffed by lesser experienced dentists in order to hold down the dentist-pay costs of the office. Clearly, the delivery of care has changed within one generation.

Dr. Venincasa has had his own privately-owned dental practice since 1986. As a result, he has total control of the dental practice. He has not allowed insurance companies nor any other entity to potentially exert additional pressures on his delivery of care nor with his management of the practice. As a result, patients obtain care that is solidly based upon time-valued principles like respecting the patients’ time, being honest, providing a high quality of care, and helping patients to effectively manage their money on their dental care.

We invite you to find out more about this highly-awarded dentist, Dr. Venincasa, and his dental office, and we invite you to contact the office for an appointment by calling (972) 250-2580.

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