Utilizing Insurance Benefits and Flexible Spending Account Benefits Prior to Year’s End

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Many patients have assistance in paying for their dental services.  Some examples of these include  dental insurance benefits as well as flexible spending account benefits.  Most dental insurance plans have annual benefits that apply to a calendar year.  If you or a family member have need for dental care and dental insurance dollars are still available for the current year, then this would be a good time to schedule to have that care done.  This calendar year will be ending sooner than we may realize.  The benefits are provided as a part of your compensation package.  These benefits are meant to be utilized for assistance in the event that dental care is needed.  In our office we do allow these insurance checks to be accepted as payment towards our patients account balances.  If you are interested in getting needed care done as described above we invite you to contact my office at (972) 250-2580 so that we can assist you in getting this needed care done properly.  These dental insurance dollars are a wonderful way to maximize your compensation package.  They also allow patients to obtain the dental care that is very much needed.
Another assistance to paying for dental service includes flexible spending accounts.  The FSAs are also a part of many employee compensation packages.  These accounts are tax free vehicles funded from employee paychecks that allow for payment of dental services, among other things.  Again, these FSAs are another way to assist patients in paying for their needed dental care.  If you or a family member has dental needs that have yet to be addressed and if FSA monies are available, we do recommend obtaining the needed dental care.  Not only is obtaining this care financially prudent; obtaining needed care also provides dental health benefits and provides for prevention of future dental problems.  If we can assist you in obtaining needed care with your FSA monies please do contact us at (972) 250-2580.
Experienced has shown us how dental care can get considerably more expensive if needed care is not obtained in a prudent and methodical manner.  Please do contact us for obtaining your needed care.

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