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Living in a Material (Mask) World

Yes, the CDC would not be happy with this mask. It would not serve the purpose of preventing COVID-19 viral transmission; however, it did fit the title of my blog quite well. I simply could not resist! Pardon my distraction. . . Seriously, now, what is going on? This pandemic is like the “Twilight Zone,” this cannot be real, how does our government “shut down the country” like this? To some degree we have all felt this. To some degree we are managing this well. For others of us, this is tremendously difficult. This post is intended for those of

Do They Put You Asleep for a Root Canal?

This question comes up quite often. Many of us hear “jokes” on TV, radio, or on the Internet, about getting a root canal procedure done. As a result, there are many misunderstandings about what is involved in a root canal procedure. In this post, I  address some of these misunderstandings. First, root canal procedures do not have to be painful. I know what you may hear and read. However, in my practice, this is not so. We manage our patients differently. We manage our valued patients in a way which better suits their needs. We do not manage our patients

Dr. V Awarded as One of America's Best Dentists for 2018

Dr. Mark Venincasa was just honored for 2018 as one of America’s Best Dentists by the National Consumer Advisory Board. This award is bestowed upon those dentists who have over four years of experience, who own their own practice and work full-time, who were recommended by other health care professionals, and who demonstrate a commitment to quality care as illustrated in their online patient and doctor reviews. Humbly, this is the second year in a row in which he has received this honor, and only 35 Dallas dentists have received this honor from 2013-2017. Dr. Venincasa began his practice in

Finding a Dentist Who Saves You Money

Many want to find a dentist who saves them money. Many patients opt for a managed care insurance plan dentist or for a “coupon dentist.” I can understand how that may save them money today, yet will that managed care insurance plan or coupon save them money in the future? Feel free to peruse my website on that. There are things to consider with managed care insurance plans and with coupons. For the purpose of this post, I see three things that may save patients thousands of dollars over that of any other thing, including managed care dental insurance. These

Choosing a Dentist: An Updated Perspective

Many patients find themselves in a situation of choosing a dentist. They may have moved into a new community. Perhaps these patients changed their insurance plan or employer. Having to choose a dentist is not a unique situation these days. This is indeed an important decision. Most all patients have only one set of adult teeth. It makes sense to choose a dentist who can be trusted with your teeth. So, why is there a need for an updated perspective on choosing a dentist? There is a need for an updated perspective on choosing a dentist because of the changes

What Dentists are on My Dental Plan?

Dental insurance plans are helpful in paying for dental care. Many patients want to find a dentist within the dental plan network to “save money.” This does sound reasonable enough, right? Over 20 years ago, less than 10% of dental practices were included in these networks; however, today, that may amount to over 60% of dental practices, according to one of my dental supply representatives. So, why is it that more and more dentists are signing up for these dental insurance networks when they are reimbursed at rates that approach their break-even points? Let me put it to you this

"I Don't Want to Spend Money on my Teeth; It is Too Much!"

Yesterday, we were graced by the presence of a teacher in our office. She has been a patient for over 20 years. She has a very back molar which has had a tooth-colored crown for over 12 years. That crown partially broke due to the forces on her teeth, and she did not want to pay for another crown. She did not want to spend that much money on her tooth. However, the tooth was at risk of needing a root canal. The defect and decay were quite deep. I can certainly understand her concern. I myself do not want

30 Anaheim Children Sent to Hospital from Dental Office

In a report from CNN today, 30 Anaheim children were sent to southern California hospitals for evaluation and treatment for possible tooth infections caused from contaminated water lines in a children’s dental office. All of these children had a kind of root canal procedure performed on them during the months of March through July 2016. This dental office was part of a group of children’s dental offices which are operated by a single company. Only this Anaheim location had this issue with apparently contaminated water lines. This is only the second reported time this kind of issue has occurred within

Dr. V Becoming Famous Nationally as a Top Dentist!

                  Dr. V was reported in a national press release last month as a Top Dentist in Dallas and as a Dr. Oz honoree to be recognized and promoted in a September 2016 health tip television promotional segment during his show. According to the press release, “Doctors and Dentists like Mark A Venincasa DDS were selected by an independent research team who determined them to be the region’s highest rated healthcare specialist through patient reviews on websites such as: Web MD, Yelp, Rate MD, Health Grades, Angie’s List, Droogle and other leading