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Easier Ways of Saving Money on Dentistry

Many of us have tried to do things ourselves to save money. I know I have. With Youtube and other online research, I have been able to upgrade components in my laptop, I have been able to repair some broken spindles on our staircase, and I have repaired an improperly functioning garage door opener. I have heard of people actually attempting to do dental procedures on themselves to save money. Please, please, please, do not attempt do-it-yourself (DIY) fixes for your teeth. I have heard damaging results. Instead, I propose more front-end DIY efforts. By front-end DIY dental efforts, I

Obamacare Update: Summer 2016

It has been a while since we last updated you all on Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I recently came across some news this month that pertains specifically to Texas. It seems that there will be less plans to choose from, and rates will continue to be increasing anywhere from 11-59% in the individual ACA plan market. While it is true that open enrollment starts on November 1, 2016, it is best to start preparing for that early. As was the case in the past, it is best to shop plans as there are many changes again this year.

Why Does My Dental Office Keep Changing Dentists?

We have heard too many patients tell us about how they got frustrated at their last dental office because there was a turnover of dentists. In some cases, the patient thought they were in a privately-owned dental practice. The office looked like a privately-owned dental practice, and the office staff acted as if the dentist owned the practice, however, over time, the dentist in the office changed with some regularity. Clearly, they were not in a more traditional privately-owned and operated dental practice. Times have changed. I myself get very disappointed to see what has happened to dentistry. Similar changes

Dr. V is a Top Rated Dentist in Dallas

We just found out that Dr. V is a “2016 Top Rated Dentist.” We found out through Dallas Top Rated Doctors, which is a production company in partnership with the national FOX network. Dr. V was selected based upon popular ranking by patients on review websites, ¬†upon the findings of leading independent healthcare rating companies, upon his professional qualifications and reputation, as well as being based upon his skills in dealing with patients. This is not the first time that Dr. V has been recognized. Quite a few websites and research companies have rated or ranked Dr. V highly for

Finding God is Like, Where's Waldo?

Many of us are familiar with Where’s Waldo. This began as a series of books with pictures of many characters on a page, where Waldo was hidden. Waldo wore a hat and outfit with horizontal red and white stripes. He also had large glasses. That is me at a Halloween Party in the photo, depicted as Waldo. Waldo is sad in the picture because, well, he was found….. That was my interpretation of the character, anyway. I digressed. OK, so how do I associate Where’s Waldo with finding God. This is where you might find how strange/unique my mind is

Do I Need A Night Guard?

There are a noticeable number of patients who question the need for a guard. I totally understand. Many are unaware of grinding or clenching during their sleep. However, as a dentist, I can easily see damage that is attributed to clenching and grinding. It is very clear. Much research supports what I have seen. Based on research, about 40-50% of the United States population has a clenching/bruxism habit. This is very common. So, if this is quite common, how can you know if you have this clenching/bruxism habit. I offer some possibilities that may point towards a grinding/bruxism habit: soreness

The Latest Emerging Dental Trend

Some people often ask, “What is the latest emerging dental trend?” There is much changing in dentistry. In dentistry, trends do not necessarily occur yearly; it is slower than that, for differing reasons. However, in five-year periods of time, dentistry can and does change. In my humble opinion, to answer this question, the delivery of dentistry has changed, many dental practices have changed, and the ownership of dental practices has changed. These changes in dental practices have occurred due to forces outside of dental practices requesting lower fees, more hours of availability, more in-network providers of insured services, cheaper deals,

What is a DMO, a Dental Maintenance Organization?

Over the past several years, more companies are signing on with dental maintenance organizations (DMOs) in order to save on their dental insurance costs. We see cost saving measures being taken in many facets in our lives. In some cases the changes are acceptable; however, in other cases, the cost savings create additional costs in some way which we do not anticipate. This is indeed the case with DMOs. The truth of the matter is this. Each DMO signs up “preferred dentists” who are willing to get paid anywhere perhaps from $10-30 monthly for each employee who declares them as

An Incident of Decay Causing Neck and Head Pain

Just yesterday, I was making my fairly regular follow up calls to patients who had recently received more than a mild amount of dental care. One of my calls was to Brent. He had pursued some fairly extensive dental care last week. This care had been on his plan of care for easily over half a year. However, he delayed care until now. He delayed because he was unaware of any sensitivity or soreness. When he came in for a preventive visit a couple of weeks ago, we found that some previously mild decay had become moderately to severely deep