Finding God is Like, Where's Waldo?

IMG_20151101_202620_01Many of us are familiar with Where’s Waldo. This began as a series of books with pictures of many characters on a page, where Waldo was hidden. Waldo wore a hat and outfit with horizontal red and white stripes. He also had large glasses. That is me at a Halloween Party in the photo, depicted as Waldo. Waldo is sad in the picture because, well, he was found….. That was my interpretation of the character, anyway.
I digressed. OK, so how do I associate Where’s Waldo with finding God. This is where you might find how strange/unique my mind is and works. Here we go. If you are presented with a picture from Where’s Waldo, and you do not really look in the picture to find him, most likely, you will never see Waldo. It takes an effort to find Waldo. For you Where’s Waldo fans, I have found a video on YouTube that describes how to most quickly find Waldo in a picture. I invite you to follow this link.
So, how does this relate to finding God? Well, let’s say that this life is like being in a Where’s Waldo picture, virtually. In this life there are many characters and images that we see. Without even noticing, we might see Waldo but not even realize it. And unless we look for Waldo, we might not ever find him. That, my friends, is exactly, almost, but slightly different, than the way we may find God. Please allow me to further explain.
In this life, God does exist. He does. I have no doubt. God exists! How do I know? Well, I found Him! Was I looking for Him? Well, not exactly was I looking for God. However, my life was in a bad way in 2007, and I needed something. I had lost hope. So I went to a church retreat where ten men described how they found God in their lives. And you know what, that helped me to find God as well. They described how they found God in the way a friend cared for them, they found God during a particular visit to their church, they found God at the birth of their child, they found God in the smile of a homeless person, they found God in the beauty of nature, they found God through a very fortunate “coincidence”, they found God in so many ways! Did they actually see God’s face? Not precisely……however, what they did see was the effect of God, which then pointed to His existence. And that is exactly how I found God as well.
For me, when I found God on the weekend of March 24, 2007, I found God through an instant removal of anger from my inner self. I truly rarely ever experience anger anymore. I used to deal with anger every day. I also found God by the feeling of unconditional love, which was so very apparent for over two weeks, starting on that March weekend. These findings changed me immediately. I have joy like I have never had. Yes, this life is still so very hard. Yet, this life is much easier to navigate with having found God, and with relating now to God every hour. For me, God exists every hour, no doubt.
So, if we do not look for God, we might not ever find Him. We may consider ourselves an agnostic or atheist as a result. We may become sure that God does not exist. However, I contend that if one does not look for God, one might not ever find Him. I agree. It is like those Where’s Waldo pictures. If you do not try to find Waldo, you might not ever find him.
If you are interested in more on this kind of stuff, I invite you to peruse my other posts on faith. I invite you to consider speaking with your priest/pastor/minister. I invite you to visit with a trusted dedicated Christian friend. I invite you to contact me as well through the Contact Us section on this page. This is way too important to simply “blow off.”

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